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How to spell FAMEN correctly?

If you typed "famen" instead of the intended word, here are a few possible alternatives: "fame", referring to popularity or recognition; "amen", meaning a religious affirmation; "famine", relating to severe food shortage; or "flamen", a Roman religious official. Use context to determine the correct suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell famen correctly

  • amen We all said "amen" at the end of the prayer.
  • barmen The barmen at the pub were very skilled at making cocktails.
  • Carmen Carmen is a popular Spanish name that means "song" or "poem".
  • Damien
  • fain
  • fallen There were fallen leaves all over the ground.
  • Fame Fame can sometimes come at a great cost to one's mental health.
  • Famed The famed actor walked onto the red carpet, greeted by a crowd of adoring fans.
  • famine The country was devastated by famine and many people were left hungry and malnourished.
  • fan
  • Farmed The family has farmed the land for generations, growing various crops and raising livestock.
  • farmer
  • fatten I need to fatten up my cat because he's too skinny.
  • faun The faun pranced through the forest, its horns catching the light peeking through the trees.
  • fawn The fawn was so cute and playful while bounding through the meadow.
  • fen The fen was covered in a thick layer of mist, making it difficult to see any wildlife.
  • Foamed The milk foamed as the barista steamed it for the cappuccino.
  • foment The politician attempted to foment unrest among the public after the election result.
  • Frauen
  • fume The angry customer began to fume when he realized the product he received was not what he had ordered.
  • lawmen The lawmen were patrolling the streets, making sure everyone was safe.
  • Laymen Laymen are not expected to have specialized knowledge or training.
  • maven
  • men Men are often expected to be the primary breadwinners in traditional households.
  • omen
  • seamen The ship was crewed by experienced seamen who had sailed the seas for years.

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