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How to spell FAMON correctly?

If you're looking for correct suggestions for the misspelling "famon", try "famine" or "fanon". "Famine" refers to a severe shortage of food, while "fanon" is a liturgical vestment in some Christian denominations. These options might help you find the correct word you intended to use.

List of suggestions on how to spell famon correctly

  • amen
  • daemon The daemon process is constantly running in the background, performing essential tasks for the operating system.
  • Damion Damion's CD was autographed by the lead singer.
  • damon Damon is a popular name for a baby boy.
  • demon The demon leaped from the darkness and attacked the unsuspecting victim.
  • fagin Fagin was the name of the villainous character who trained young boys to be pickpockets in Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist.
  • fain I was fain to see what lay beyond the curtain.
  • Fame Fame is just a word.
  • Famed The famed singer has won multiple awards for her incredible talents.
  • famine In the 1800s, there was a famine in Ireland.
  • famous She is famous for her role in the musical "The Pirates of Penzance.
  • fan I am a big fan of chocolate ice cream.
  • faun The faun stared at the tree with a pensive look.
  • fawn She spotted a fawn in the forest and chased after it.
  • felon The police were on the lookout for the felon who had escaped from prison.
  • Freon The Freon gas was leaked and caused a horrible odor in the room.
  • futon I placed a colorful cover on my futon to match the decor of my room.
  • gamin The little gamin ran across the street, chasing after a stray cat.
  • gammon I'm going to play gammon.
  • haman The thief took my haman.
  • Harmon Harmon was the name of the protagonist in the book I just finished reading.
  • lemon The lemon Verbena had a sour bite to it.
  • mammon He had made his fortune at the expense of the poor, worshiping mammon instead of God.
  • mon In French, "mon" means "my" as in "mon ami" which means "my friend.
  • Ramon The friendly Ramon waited on me.
  • ramona Ramona watched as the sun set behind the mountains in the west.
  • samoan I know you, Samoan.
  • simon Wendy Simon is a fashion designer.
  • Timon While the other animals feasted, Timon sat alone, feeling gloomier by the minute.

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