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How to spell FANKED correctly?

If you meant to type "fanked", but it turns out to be misspelled, fear not! The correct suggestions might be "thanked" or "franked". These words align better with typical English terms and convey gratitude or postal-related actions appropriately. Remember to double-check before hitting send or publish to avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell fanked correctly

  • banked The plane banked sharply to the right.
  • faked He faked his way through the interview and got the job anyway.
  • fanged The wolf appeared from the shadows, its fanged snarl sending chills down her spine.
  • fanned The scorching heat was fanned off by the cool breeze of the sea.
  • finked I promise I won't fink on you if you let me in on the secret.
  • flanked The soldiers flanked the enemy and attacked from both sides.
  • franked The package had a franked label that indicated it had already been paid for postage.
  • funked I knew I had funk it up, but I simply couldn't find the right rhythm and so I funk it out.
  • ranked The university was ranked as one of the top ten in the country.
  • tanked The company's profits tanked after the CEO made several poor decisions.
  • wanked
  • yanked He yanked the rope, pulling the heavy object up into the tree.

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