How to spell FANNE correctly?

If you meant to type "fanne" but it was misspelled, here are a few correct suggestions: "Fanny", meaning buttocks; "fan", referring to an avid supporter; or "fane", which denotes a temple or shrine. Always double-check your spelling to convey your intended meaning accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell fanne correctly

  • Ann
  • Anne Anne is the name of the main character in the famous novel, Anne of Green Gables.
  • Annie Annie plays the piano beautifully.
  • fain I would fain help you, but I'm afraid I'm unable to do so.
  • famine The famine in Somalia has claimed thousands of lives.
  • fan
  • fang
  • fanned He fanned himself with a piece of paper on that hot summer day.
  • Fannie Fannie was saddened by the news of her friend's passing.
  • fannies My girlfriend always has her fannies in the air when she laughs.
  • fanny
  • fans
  • faun The mythical creature, known as the faun, is often depicted in Greek and Roman mythology as a half-human, half-goat being.
  • fauna The national park has a diverse fauna with a variety of animals, including deer and bears.
  • fawn The new fawn was spotted laying in the tall grass.
  • Fawned The little girl fawned over the cute puppy in the pet store window.
  • fawner He was such a fawner that he would lick his boss's boots to get a raise.
  • fennel Fennel is a spirituous vegetable liquor.
  • fiance My fiance and I are planning our wedding for next summer.
  • fine I will gladly pay your fine.
  • finn Finn and Jake are the main characters of the animated television series Adventure Time.
  • Finned I have a finned fish on my kitchen counter.
  • Finny Finny smiled at Fiona and wagged her tail.
  • Franny Franny decided to quit her job and pursue her passion for writing.
  • funnel Anti-vaxxers protest as they funnel down the street.
  • funny I found a funny article about cats.

Misspelling of the day


  • apologies
  • apologist
  • apologize
  • apologized
  • apologizes
  • eulogized