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How to spell FAOUGHT correctly?

If you are looking for correct suggestions for the misspelling "faought", consider trying alternative spellings like "fought" or "thought". Understandably, misspellings happen, but with a little attention and care, we can ensure our words are accurately communicated. Remember, spell-check tools can also assist in catching such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell faought correctly

  • aught I have not seen him in aught months.
  • Bought
  • Caught The police caught the thief red-handed as he was trying to escape with the stolen goods.
  • Fought
  • fraught The conversation between the two former friends was wrought with fraught emotions.
  • naught Despite his efforts, his actions amounted to naught.
  • nought I have nought but respect for those who work hard every day.
  • ought You ought to study for your upcoming exam.
  • sought The adventurer sought out new territories to explore.
  • taught I was taught how to play the piano by my grandmother.
  • thought She was lost in thought, contemplating the possibilities of the future.
  • wrought The blacksmith had expertly wrought the metal into a beautiful sculpture.

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