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How to spell FARAO correctly?

The correct spelling for "farao" is actually "pharaoh". This ancient Egyptian word refers to the powerful ruler of Egypt. To avoid misspelling it, remember to use the 'ph' combination instead of 'f.' Learning correct spellings enhances our understanding and appreciation of history and diverse cultures.

List of suggestions on how to spell farao correctly

  • ara
  • Cara I want to introduce you to my friend Cara, she's a great person.
  • FAA The FAA oversees and regulates civil aviation safety in the United States.
  • far I could hear the music from far away.
  • farad
  • fare I need to buy a fare to go to town.
  • Fared The restaurant fared poorly on its health inspection report.
  • FARES The airline has reduced its fares for the holiday season.
  • Fargo
  • farm The farmer worked long hours on the farm to tend to his crops and animals.
  • faro The lighthouse, or faro, guided ships safely into the harbor.
  • farrago The essay was a farrago of unrelated ideas and ramblings.
  • farrow Farrow is a fawning breed of chicken.
  • feral The animal was a feral cat.
  • Fora I enjoy participating in online fora where I can discuss various topics with like-minded individuals.
  • foray She made her first foray into online dating, but quickly realized it wasn't for her.
  • FRAG
  • Fran Fran was very excited to go to the party.
  • frat I heard that he joined a frat in college.
  • frau Frau Schmidt enjoys reading romance novels.
  • fray The chicken wing that I was trying to eat had a bit of fray left on it.
  • Fro
  • Kara
  • KARO
  • Lara Lara is a name commonly given to girls.
  • mara The Mara River flows through Kenya and Tanzania.
  • para
  • Sara I have a lot of things I need to do before my meeting with Sara.
  • tara She found her way home by following the light of Tara's lantern.
  • taro
  • Zara I picked up a Zara blouse at the store.

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