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How to spell FARIEST correctly?

If you've caught yourself misspelling "fariest", fret not! The correct spelling is "fairest", which means the most beautiful or just treatment. Remember to swap the 'i' with an 'e' to avoid any confusion. Keep expanding your vocabulary and honing your spelling skills!

List of suggestions on how to spell fariest correctly

  • arrest The police officer threatened to arrest the suspect for breaking the law.
  • barest The tree had lost its leaves, revealing its barest branches.
  • chariest She was the chariest of spenders and always saved her money for a rainy day.
  • Driest The Sahara Desert is considered one of the driest places on Earth, receiving less than 3 inches of rain per year.
  • fairest The fairest woman in the world is my wife.
  • Fairies There are rumors that fairies live in the forest.
  • FARES The airline offers discounted fares for early bookings.
  • farthest The farthest I have traveled is to Japan.
  • fieriest She was the fieriest fighter I had ever met.
  • forest The forest was so dense that we couldn't see the sky above.
  • Forrest Forrest Gump is a character in the novel by Dr. Seuss.
  • freest "She felt freest when she was hiking in the mountains with nothing but nature surrounding her.
  • fries
  • Furies Furies are the goddesses of revenge and they are usually depicted with snakes.
  • hairiest No one is hairiest than a gorilla
  • hoariest It was the hoariest party I've ever been to.
  • priest
  • rarest The rarest animal in the zoo is the white lion.
  • teariest I found myself at my teariest after getting through the last chapter of my favorite book series.
  • wariest The wariest spot in the forest is the ones where you're most likely to see them.

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