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How to spell FARISAISM correctly?

The correct spelling for the term is "Pharisaism", referring to the ancient Jewish religious group. Commonly misspelled as "Farisaism", it is important to emphasize the correct spelling. Suggestions for accuracy include utilizing auto-correct features, consulting dictionaries or double-checking online sources to avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell Farisaism correctly

  • Archaism The writer's use of outdated language and archaisms gave the novel a nostalgic feel.
  • Arianism Arianism was a fourth-century heretical doctrine that denied the divinity of Jesus and claimed that he was a creation of God.
  • Families Families often gather together for special occasions and create lasting memories.
  • Familism " Familism, the belief in placing the needs and interests of one's family above all others, is deeply rooted in many traditional cultures."
  • Fascism Fascism is an authoritarian and nationalistic political ideology that seeks to centralize power and suppress dissenting views.
  • Fetishism He explored the origins and manifestations of fetishism in different cultures as part of his research.
  • Friskier My cat seems to be getting friskier as she ages.
  • Friskiest During the spring season, cats tend to be at their friskiest when the days become longer and the weather gets warmer.
  • Narcissism His extreme narcissism caused him to constantly seek validation and praise from others.
  • Parities The government aims to address income inequalities and promote parity among all social parities.
  • Rarities The vintage store is known for its collection of rare clothing and accessories, featuring an array of rarities from different eras.

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