Correct spelling for FARMILLER

We think the word farmiller is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for farmiller

  • daimler The possession of a large Daimler by the Collector, and of a two-seater Rolls-Royce by the doctor, filled the other English residents with envy; but they were anathema to the natives of the bazaars and villages.
  • faille Later mathematicians who developed the theory of the center of mass include Pappus of Alexandria, Guido Ubaldi, Francesco Maurolico, Federico Commandino, Simon Stevin, Luca Valerio, Jean-Charles de la Faille, Paul Guldin, John Wallis, Louis Carré, Pierre Varignon, and Alexis Clairaut.
  • farmer It means a yeoman farmer.
  • feller "Ain't I been tellin' you you was a fool to be scared of an old feller like White-Whiskers?
  • filer The primary maintenance carried out on crosscut saws is sharpening, which requires a shop and a highly skilled filer.
  • filler With the enforcement of the law requiring the label of a package to state when a filler is employed, the use of additions gradually fell off in most sections.
  • formally
  • former
  • frill
  • fuller
  • mailer
  • miler
  • miller
  • muller
  • Familiar The Irish Parliament was already established in College Green, but not in the familiar building which it afterwards occupied.
  • Families These were not given to the individual in recognition of talent, but to families to be by them transmitted to their posterity as hereditary rank.
  • Family Therefore, when he announced in the bosom of his family that he proposed to go away for a time, his wife and daughter were frankly astonished.
  • Formulae
  • Frailly
  • Farley Midshipmen Farley told, simply, how he and Page had commenced their watch.
  • Camille Jules Laforgue, par Camille Mauclair, avec une introduction de Maurice Maeterlinck.
  • firmer
  • filmier
  • frillier
  • farmers It's rainin' now, an' it 'll keep on rainin' till the farmers is all drowned out.
  • frailer
  • foamier

267 words made from the letters farmiller

5 letter words made from farmiller:

flrie, miera, firme, alier, lirae, rafle, ramli, ralli, maler, friel, malle, amell, leral, maill, fraim, rimal, rifle, ralfe, flail, alire, lifer, frail, afrim, friar, fmall, marei, feral, filar, meall, faile, aille, maerl, ramie, alief, falle, riera, fille, filla, imler, armel, flare, arief, riall, rimel, faler, reali, farim, ramle, erria, malil, malli, rmail, malir, email, ileal, ermal, ferri, liera, lamie, almer, filer, refai, filme, reima, rearm, leira, lerma, reair, ilmar, lifar, frear, freia, flaim, ferla, mirer, ameri, mirae, mirar, elima, malfi, ramil, faire, milea, realm, marri, farle, elmar, iller, afire, miral, remar, marle, frari, marli, llera, fermi, fiell, maeil, filma, earll, mirel, ferra, melia, imell, frame, feira, reila, efram, rifer, frier, leali, frale, marre, lamer, farre, armer, farel, flair, irell, armie, lafer, feria, illam, firle, farer, reial, frill, miler, fmail, friml, merli, flame, felli, fella, flier, femal.

3 letter words made from farmiller:

err, ale, elf, llm, fir, rim, mei, elm, ref, lei, are, imf, afl, ire, lie, mal, air, ira, arm, emf, ail, lam, mil, era, far, ali, mfa, raf, lea, ill, ram, lem, aim, mri, fri, mar, ell, ear, rem, ler, all, lir.

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