How to spell FARVE correctly?

The correct suggestion for the misspelling "farve" could be "favorite" or "favour". It depends on the context in which this word is being used. If it is used as a noun, then "favorite" would be correct. On the other hand, if used as a verb, "favour" would be the correct suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell farve correctly

  • Ave
  • carve I'm going to carve the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • carver My grandfather was an excellent wood carver who could make beautiful sculptures out of a simple piece of wood.
  • cave
  • Dave Dave is a common name in English-speaking countries.
  • EAVE
  • face She looked in the mirror and smiled at her reflection in the face.
  • fade The colors of the sunset began to fade as the night sky took over.
  • faerie She saw a faerie dancing in the moonlight.
  • fake I only bring fake ID's to bars.
  • Fame Fame is what we build, and we tear it down just as quickly.
  • far I can hear the sound of the ocean from far away.
  • farce The farce was broken only when the curtain fell on the final scene.
  • fare He would like to know the fare for the train.
  • Farley Farley always leaves his wet clothes on the radiator.
  • farm We visited my grandfather's farm today.
  • farmer The farmer was up early to tend to his crops.
  • faro I'm going to Faro for the week.
  • fate She could not escape fate.
  • FAVE I love ice cream, especially FAVE flavors!
  • Faye Faye is a very pretty girl.
  • faze
  • fire She set the living room on fire with her careless words.
  • five
  • fore The golfer carefully lined up his shot, taking into account the direction of the fore wind.
  • free He received a free pizza for completing the survey.
  • Garvey The Ethiopian exile leader and black nationalist Garvey was a prominent figure in the early 20th century.
  • Gave I gave him the flowers.
  • harvey Harvey just got accepted into law school.
  • have
  • Larvae I caught a few larvae on my fishing line.
  • lave UPS left the package on the porch, so I had to lave it off with the hose.
  • nave
  • pave I'm going to pave your driveway.
  • rave We went to a rave and had an amazing time.
  • save We need to save our work before we leave for the day.
  • wave The surfer caught the perfect wave and rode it all the way to the shore.

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