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How to spell FAVOE correctly?

The misspelling "favoe" could be corrected to "favor" or "favour" depending on which spelling is preferred. It may also be possible that the intended word was "fave" which is a slang term for favorite. Checking the context of the word and possible alternatives can help in correcting the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell favoe correctly

  • Ave As the procession approached the church, the choir began to sing " Ave Maria.
  • avow I avow my love for you and vow to cherish and protect you always.
  • cave The explorers crawled through the narrow cave.
  • Dave Dave is a reliable and hardworking employee.
  • EAVE
  • face She put on a happy face even though she was feeling down.
  • fade The colors of the sunset gradually fade into the darkness of the night.
  • fake Her smile was clearly fake.
  • Fame Achieving fame at a young age can be both a blessing and a curse.
  • fare The fare for the bus ride is $2.50.
  • faro The lighthouse, or faro, helped guide the ships safely to shore.
  • fate
  • FAVE
  • favor She asked me to do her a favor and pick up her dry cleaning.
  • favors In return for favors, John promised to do favors for Sally.
  • favour Could you do me a favour and bring me a glass of water?
  • Faye Faye was unimpressed with the new car.
  • faze Despite the criticism, negative comments, and unfavorable ratings, she continued to move forward and not let it faze her.
  • five
  • flavor She put a nice flavor in the soup.
  • floe The polar bear balanced on the narrow ice floe as it drifted slowly across the frigid ocean.
  • foe I have a foe in the form of my gym teacher.
  • Gave I gave my old bicycle to the children.
  • have
  • lave After cooking the fish, I washed it in the lave.
  • nave She walked through the nave.
  • pave Labeling the walkway with a squad of orange caution cones, Matt prepared to pave the way for the wedding party.
  • rave The party was going to be a rave; turnout was supposed to be high.
  • save
  • wave

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