What is the correct spelling for FAVTORITE?

This word (Favtorite) may be misspelled. Below you can find the suggested words which we believe are the correct spellings for what you were searching for. If you click on the links, you can find more information about these words.

Correct spelling for FAVTORITE

We think the word favtorite is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for favtorite

  • favored That Leslie had not joined the riders was due to his mother's anxiety for his health, though his father had rather favored his going.
  • favorite Bart was seated in his favorite attitude, with his feet on the table, and a cigarette in his mouth!
  • favourite The young man had been no favourite with her step-mother; and her father, who was almost on his death-bed, had heard what was going on almost without a remark.
  • filtrate Evaporate filtrate to dryness, and dissolve residue in water, the solution being made distinctly acid.
  • futurity Yet nothing is more common amongst us: And the further a Man is removed from Repentance, nay, the more void he seems to be of all Religion, and the less Concern he discovers for Futurity, the more he is admired by our sprightly People: Whereas, he who shews but the least Sorrow for his Sins, or, by his Tears, or Dismality of Gestures, lets us know that he is under Apprehensions of the divine Wrath, is a weak silly Creature, not worth looking at: And he only, in the Opinion of many, dies like a Man, who, in reality, goes off most like a Brute.
  • Factored A Bayesian average is a method of estimating the mean of a population using outside information, especially a pre-existing belief, that is factored into the calculation.
  • Favoured " Favoured by Dr. Jedd," he had written in a corner of the envelope.

364 words made from the letters favtorite

4 letter words made from favtorite:

oeta, taft, frea, ettv, afro, vora, five, taef, evat, airt, rate, foie, fria, aveo, rive, taei, oita, oate, vato, tare, iota, feat, fiat, tato, teat, fati, treo, evro, rave, teti, fate, fear, iora, tati, roaf, tvri, tire, faro, eira, ieva, titv, toer, taro, fare, tite, areo, aire, ftio, feio, frio, orti, trei, fort, tive, aero, voit, veto, raef, over, reit, rift, frot, fart, fitr, frei, tear, vote, tref, viro, fire, tera, etto, torv, teav, fari, iott, otti, raio, aver, tver, voet, tvoi, tiro, orte, tart, tate, tero, rova, trot, fret, tevi, tote, rite, veio, viae, iove, trat, evit, rota, rife, vart, rofe, riot, revi, frie, tort, frat, toea, freo, tiao, toti, reti, aevi, tito, rote, rove, toei, vier, raie, toit, vrot, rivo, tier, fair, raft, tore, toiv, trio, fore.

5 letter words made from favtorite:

otari, iover, ariot, evatt, fiver, viera, teria, iatro, otavi, ritva, ivrea, trato, fetor, fiero, after, titre, raivo, fatio, artio, triet, ratti, fritt, rafet, otter, fovea, faver, freia, raite, virta, ratte, troit, foire, evitt, tetia, frite, avert, frevo, feira, vetri, roate, tivat, vieta, otira, fitra, rotti, vario, faroe, viter, favor, feria, ovett, itter, tarve, raeti, terao, ative, trite, tateo, tovia, trave, forte, varie, taver, vator, frove, faire, vorta, rafto, fator, forti, aiver, vaire, torat, fevor, taito, tetra, verit, voter, trife, itfor, ftair, iftar, toter, teatr, refai, veroa, iater, vitra, afire, ottar, trova, farve, tarto, verio, rotte, ritvo, treif, vetro, favre, trove, vitae, atrio, oirat, titov, tator, torti, ferit, treat, vraie, vetta, troat, trefa, refit, oteri, atire, torte, retia, overt, terai, reato, raitt, vetti, rifte, ratio, frati, tatev, frate, fatto, trifa, refat, troft, rivet, firat, trate, evora, foart, teito, titer, ritto, trait, fatti, tarte, aitor, verot, fiato, veria, tveit, forie, oater, tirta, votre, troie, ivatt, irate, erato, tirat, tovar, vitre, avett, itera, tater, vairo, arief, faeto, forat, vireo, ovate, ittar, rotie, orate, rifat, tetro, taite, treta, tetri, roett, tatoi, ratto, tofte.

3 letter words made from favtorite:

ira, tot, avo, rit, fit, ret, tai, toe, fri, tie, eta, are, eat, raf, air, ear, tea, fat, ert, fao, ire, ter, for, oft, eft, rio, oat, rot, ref, fir, vet, tit, tar, trf, art, tet, tia, tao, roe, tor, iva, vie, oaf, var, tat, oar, vat, rat, ate, foe, far, era, rev, tri, aft, ore.

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