How to spell FDATA correctly?

We think the word fdata is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell fdata correctly

  • dad
  • dada
  • daft I couldn't make sense of his daft explanation.
  • dart The dart flew across the room and landed in the bullseye of the dartboard.
  • dat
  • data The data collected from the study will be analyzed and presented in a report.
  • date
  • Dater The online dater hoped to find true love through his dating app matches.
  • ddt DDT was a commonly used insecticide in the mid-20th century until it was discovered to have harmful effects on the environment and wildlife.
  • dot The cat chased the dot of light around the room.
  • fact The fact that he was able to complete the project in a week was impressive.
  • fad The keto diet is a popular fad among fitness enthusiasts.
  • fade The color of the curtains began to fade after being exposed to the sunlight for many years.
  • FADS Fads come and go, but classic pieces of clothing never go out of style.
  • Fajita I love eating chicken fajitas with lots of cheese and sour cream.
  • fast
  • fat She decided to start a diet after realizing she had gained too much fat.
  • Fatah Founded in 1967, the political party known as Fatah is the largest Palestinian organization.
  • fatal The fatal wound was not fatal.
  • fate It seems that fate had a different plan for him.
  • fated The two lovers were fated to meet again in another life.
  • fatima She prayed to Fatima to help her find her way.
  • Fats Fats are essential for maintaining healthy body weight.
  • fatty She put on a big fatty for her picture day.
  • fatwa The religious scholar issued a fatwa declaring that interest-based loans are prohibited in Islam.
  • FD My aunt is FD.
  • fda The FDA has strict guidelines for what can and cannot be put into food.
  • feat A feat is an accomplishment.
  • feats She has achieved many feats that many people only dream of.
  • FETA
  • fiat The government issued a fiat requiring all citizens to wear masks in public.
  • FIATS She was caught with a FIATS bill.
  • fit He was in great shape for his age.
  • flat I need to fix my bike tire because it's completely flat.
  • frat
  • ft I am 5 ft tall.
  • FUT I foiled his plan by using the FUT suite.
  • sadat
  • tat She looked at the tat on her arm and laughed at the memory of getting it with her friends.
  • tatar Tatar cuisine is known for its tasty meat dishes and dumplings.

Misspelling of the day


  • alienating
  • alimenting
  • amending
  • amounting
  • augmenting
  • cementing
  • commenting
  • dominating
  • eliminating
  • emaciating