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How to spell FEABLE correctly?

If you are trying to spell "feable" correctly, the word you are looking for is "feeble". Feeble means weak, frail or lacking strength. It's essential to double-check and ensure the correct spelling to convey your message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell feable correctly

  • able
  • affable The new supervisor was quite affable, making it easy for the employees to approach and talk to him.
  • cable
  • fable
  • fabled The fabled city of Atlantis is said to have sunk into the ocean in a single day and night.
  • fables Myths and fables are the most exciting and captivating stories that we humans have ever created.
  • feasible After analyzing the data, it was determined that the proposed plan was feasible and could be implemented within the given timeframe.
  • feeble
  • feebler As he grew older, his memory grew feebler.
  • feebly The old man struggled to lift the heavy box and could only manage to carry it feebly.
  • female The female lion is responsible for hunting in the pride.
  • foible
  • friable The soil in the garden was friable and crumbled easily in my hand.
  • fumble
  • gable The gable of the old farmhouse was adorned with intricate woodwork.
  • Mable My fiance's sister Mable is coming to the wedding.
  • sable The sable coat was soft and luxurious.
  • table I placed the food on the table.

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