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How to spell FEARD correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "feard" instead of "fear", don't worry; here are some correct alternatives. You might have meant "feared", which is the past tense of "fear". Alternatively, "fared" means to have performed or progressed, usually in a certain situation. Ensure to use the correct word for your intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell feard correctly

  • beard He grew a long and bushy beard after several months of not shaving.
  • dear I love spending time with my dear family.
  • fad The latest diet fad seems to be cutting out carbohydrates.
  • fahd
  • far
  • farad One farad is equivalent to one coulomb per volt.
  • Fared Despite the heavy rainfall, their garden fared well and their crops grew abundantly.
  • fear In my heart I fear the dark.
  • Feared The people feared the approaching storm.
  • Fears She hopes to overcome her fears of public speaking.
  • feat The athlete accomplished a remarkable feat by breaking the world record in the marathon.
  • fed The hungry animals were fed.
  • feed
  • fend I was fend off the dragon's flames with my sword.
  • Fer
  • feud The feud between the families has been going on for years.
  • ford I am going to a Ford dealership to buy a car.
  • heard
  • tear She wiped away a tear and tried to compose herself.

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