Correct spelling for FEASTURE

We think the word feasture is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for feasture

  • Feature
  • Already the music was striking up for the chief feature of the evening.

  • Faster
  • Then you wouldn't have to wheel me, dil, an' we'd get along so much faster.

  • Festive
  • A suppressed whisper passed round the festive board and all eyes were fixed on the haggard countenance of the prisoner.

  • Feast
  • In the morning shih-niang, on being left alone in her cabin, had prepared a little feast for her friend, wishing to spend the day with him in happiness; but the sun had set before chia came back.

  • Feasted
  • Then hasan, the young lord, murmured, as he feasted in the taverns, "it is time to take my father, i must bear him to the caverns."

  • Fissure
  • Here, thrust out from little round top, is a heap of "ripped up" ledges and massive rocks where a great fissure leads back to a place where the southern sharpshooters hid while picking off the union officers on little round top.

  • Fester
  • Or shall a haggard, ruthless few warp her over and bring her to, while the many broken souls of me fester down in the slaver's pen, and nothing to say or do?

  • Future
  • The eyes of the maid were closed to the future.

  • Gesture
  • He held out his hand with a sudden gesture, and she took it.

  • Festers
  • Restore
  • Pasture
  • And at last there she was coming across the pasture, uncle moses with her; and what was most astonishing, the pair were leaning upon one another in an intimacy which made montgomery feel rather jealous.

  • Piastre
  • Feistier
  • Fixture
  • A wet-nurse is frequently allowed to remain in bed until a late hour in the morning, and during the day to continue in the house, as if she were a fixture!

  • Feasts
  • The goddess herself was drawn by heifers; and as long as she vouchsafed her presence among men, there was joy, and feasts, and hospitality; and peace amongst otherwise fierce tribes instead of war and violence.

  • Festered
  • Posture

291 words made from the letters feasture

5 letter words made from feasture:

fruta, arsuf, erste, ursae, atrus, refat, festa, rfuea, fetus, ester, futre, surat, teras, suter, treue, feres, suart, feats, stura, teers, terse, feare, stare, suare, auret, steer, tares, reefs, seert, saute, reate, sutra, fetas, aster, frate, freas, stauf, ruete, fusar, seaer, arute, sauer, sarfu, saree, astre, feets, rates, frees, fusta, raese, surae, terfs, reast, trefa, rafet, raste, frust, feser, ratee, uster, sufre, rutae, seraf, fuera, furse, fetes, seeta, eater, urase, reust, reste, teera, sfere, sture, freet, sefer, suree, esera, sutee, satur, autre, terfe, strae, frats, urate, satre, faure, faust, tease, rfees, reuse, aures, tufas, fusee, erase, efate, fuser, suret, auter, aerts, fauts, aefrs, faute, asfur, sater, tures, teres, teare, fease, frese, reest, after, easer, frets, ratus, ruest, fuste, seare, furst, feast, ferus, reset, frase, efter, astur, fates, trues, seret, furat, rafts, safet, ureae, steur, trese, tears, feuer, ureas, sfeer, feers, arete, ature, rseau, retes, fraus.

3 letter words made from feasture:

fes, ear, fat, aft, eat, est, raf, uta, are, ref, ter, eta, art, ert, res, sur, tea, suf, eft, far, ufa, era, ate, use, set, rat, ras, tee, sue, fee, sat, ese, usa, fur, trf, sea, ute, rut, tau, esr, rue, ret, see, tar.

4 letter words made from feasture:

feur, rest, seef, faur, sear, taee, suer, rufe, tues, rase, tree, furt, saru, sate, fuer, ruta, sree, fete, fuse, etre, suar, safe, ruef, taue, esau, erse, sure, tera, seta, rust, taef, furs, fast, eeas, arts, ease, reef, sere, ratu, setu, raue, frea, ruts, rate, rues, tfeu, ruse, asur, fuet, tear, serf, eats, raft, fate, rete, true, frat, suet, fret, seat, tuer, erst, raef, user, saue, star, ares, surf, tare, faut, raus, feat, ufer, auer, tufa, seer, uate, free, rufa, sura, eter, rute, ture, east, fart, suea, fear, tsar, tsur, turf, frau, fare, frue, etau, arse, eure, urea, ruea, raut, fure, treu, tref, suef.