How to spell FEATER correctly?

We think the word feater is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell feater correctly

  • beater And he was obliged to have a boy to work the little hammer, or beater, to drive the letters along.
  • eater Fire-eater you must be!
  • fade Will they, can they, ever fade?
  • falter Never falter in duty, but trust in that power Engaged to support you in each trying hour; When sinking like Peter amidst the dark wave, Ever look unto Jesus, almighty to save.
  • faster Can you not go faster?
  • fat Then the fat was in the fire, I can tell you.
  • fate This is the fate of all men.
  • fated As for me, if it should be fated that our lots are to go together, I am inclined to think that I should prefer to live in England.
  • fates No, her punishment was just, and in her case the Fates were inflexible.
  • father Not see my father?
  • fear "I fear that is the case.
  • feat I therefore looked forward to visiting this wonderful world with the greatest anticipation, and though I was entirely ignorant of how this stupendous and seemingly impossible feat should be accomplished, such was my faith in Almos' superior knowledge of science, that I did not, for a moment, doubt the possibility of such a thing.
  • feather She would not, even when her heart was sick with apprehension because of the story in the newspaper, give her cousin the opportunity of saying that she showed the white feather.
  • feature He examined the picture closely, and looked at her thoughtfully and attentively out of the dark gray eyes, the only good feature in his face.
  • feed "Mr. Blake is a bit off his feed.
  • feeder Then blackbirds with their breasts all burnt to coal, And pigeons without rumps, not served up whole, Dainties, no doubt, but then there came a speech About the laws and properties of each; At last the feeder and the food we quit, Taking revenge by tasting ne'er a bit, As if Canidia's mouth had breathed an air Of viperous poison on the whole affair.
  • fester The disease was festering for months before it was discovered.
  • fete
  • fetter
  • fiat In fiat currency, money is created by the government and is not backed by anything.
  • fitter I need to be fitter for my new job.
  • flatter
  • footer
  • heater
  • Feet She had to remove her shoes to enter the house.
  • Feted I feted the bride at the reception.
  • fetters
  • fetes We had a lovely fete to celebrate our new garden.
  • feats I have many feats to list off.
  • FETA I will have feta on my salad.
  • fleeter I am faster than she is.
  • fattier I am really not that into fatty foods.
  • fatter
  • neater
  • deafer

List of 62 words made from the word feater

3 letter words made from feater:

far, aft, ter, rat, fee, era, tar, tea, ate, trf, fat, eft, ear, raf, tee, eat, ret, ref, ert, art, are, eta.

5 letter words made from feater:

efate, terfe, efter, after, teera, arete, trefa, freet, refat, teare, ratee, eater, rafet, reate, feare, frate.

4 letter words made from feater:

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