Correct spelling for FEATRUES

We think the word featrues is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for featrues

  • fates In every Boer house there is a large Bible, and that Bible is systematically read and re-read when the fates are unkind.
  • feature "Winthrop -" the speaker began, and paused, every feature of his fine face working with emotion.
  • featured Naturally it would be featured in all three.
  • fetus Finally, when it takes up a position head downward, as it nearly always does, the head is the part of the fetus which passes through the coil, should one happen to lie in its path.
  • Fetuses “There is a wealth of science demonstrating the detrimental effects of chlorpyrifos exposure to developing fetuses, infants, children and pregnant women.
  • fetes The nuptials of the Prince and Princess of Baden were celebrated by brilliant fetes; at Rambouillet took place a great hunting-party, in which their Majesties, with many members of their family, and all the princes of Baden, Cleves, etc.
  • feats Still others prepare to perform other feats of chivalry.
  • matures
  • features After the first ecstacy, our eyes and lips unclosed together, and a little apart from each other we take delight in seeing the mutual satisfaction beaming on our features.
  • natures
  • FARES He admits likin' well enough to run around with nice girls when it can be done without danger of being worked for orchestra seats or taxi fares.
  • futures Here they must provide by their own efforts for their own futures, however.
  • trues
  • immingling

291 words made from the letters featrues

5 letter words made from featrues:

fruta, arsuf, erste, ursae, atrus, refat, festa, rfuea, fetus, ester, futre, surat, teras, suter, treue, feres, suart, feats, stura, teers, terse, feare, stare, suare, auret, steer, tares, reefs, seert, saute, reate, sutra, fetas, aster, frate, freas, stauf, ruete, fusar, seaer, arute, sauer, sarfu, saree, astre, feets, rates, frees, fusta, raese, surae, terfs, reast, trefa, rafet, raste, frust, feser, ratee, uster, sufre, rutae, seraf, fuera, furse, fetes, seeta, eater, urase, reust, reste, teera, sfere, sture, freet, sefer, suree, esera, sutee, satur, autre, terfe, strae, frats, urate, satre, faure, faust, tease, rfees, reuse, aures, tufas, fusee, erase, efate, fuser, suret, auter, aerts, fauts, aefrs, faute, asfur, sater, tures, teres, teare, fease, frese, reest, after, easer, frets, ratus, ruest, fuste, seare, furst, feast, ferus, reset, frase, efter, astur, fates, trues, seret, furat, rafts, safet, ureae, steur, trese, tears, feuer, ureas, sfeer, feers, arete, ature, rseau, retes, fraus.

3 letter words made from featrues:

fes, ear, fat, aft, eat, est, raf, uta, are, ref, ter, eta, art, ert, res, sur, tea, suf, eft, far, ufa, era, ate, use, set, rat, ras, tee, sue, fee, sat, ese, usa, fur, trf, sea, ute, rut, tau, esr, rue, ret, see, tar.

4 letter words made from featrues:

feur, rest, seef, faur, sear, taee, suer, rufe, tues, rase, tree, furt, saru, sate, fuer, ruta, sree, fete, fuse, etre, suar, safe, ruef, taue, esau, erse, sure, tera, seta, rust, taef, furs, fast, eeas, arts, ease, reef, sere, ratu, setu, raue, frea, ruts, rate, rues, tfeu, ruse, asur, fuet, tear, serf, eats, raft, fate, rete, true, frat, suet, fret, seat, tuer, erst, raef, user, saue, star, ares, surf, tare, faut, raus, feat, ufer, auer, tufa, seer, uate, free, rufa, sura, eter, rute, ture, east, fart, suea, fear, tsar, tsur, turf, frau, fare, frue, etau, arse, eure, urea, ruea, raut, fure, treu, tref, suef.

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