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How to spell FEAUTER correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "feauter" instead of "feature", fret not! Autocorrect and grammar-checking tools are here to assist. They'll swiftly highlight the error, offering "feature" as the correct spelling. Remember to stay attentive, and with modern technology, those pesky misspellings won't stand a chance!

List of suggestions on how to spell feauter correctly

  • beater I needed a beater to make the cake batter, so I grabbed an old wooden spoon from the drawer.
  • eater Some people believe that they are a picky eater.
  • falter She didn't falter when she faced her biggest fear.
  • faster
  • fatter I have been trying to gain weight so that I can look fatter.
  • feather The bird had a bright blue feather on its tail.
  • fester If left untreated, a minor cut can fester and become infected.
  • fetter The manager's strict rules fetter the creativity and productivity of his employees.
  • flatter
  • flouter
  • heater The heater is broken.
  • neater My room looked neater after I organized my closet.
  • neuter The new policy will neuter the effectiveness of the company's marketing campaign.
  • refuter The scientist acted as the refuter in the debate, using evidence and logic to debunk the opposing argument.
  • tauter

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