What is the correct spelling for FEDEARL?

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Correct spelling for FEDEARL

We think the word fedearl is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for fedearl

  • deal I hope we shall see a great deal of you.
  • dearly Why, child, you will never know how dearly we both love you."
  • fatal "And it promises to be a fatal gift," said Miss Maria.
  • fecal The stools with proportionate rapidity lose all their fecal qualities and acquire the rice-water appearance before mentioned, and the liquid rejected by vomiting in all respects resembles them.
  • federal Was it to carry out this famous agreement that the Federal government officially declared through its Secretary, Mr. Calhoun, that Texas was annexed to preserve the institution of slavery from the perils that threatened it?
  • federally United States Pacific Island Wildlife Refuges unincorporated territories of the US; administered from Washington, DC by the Fish and Wildlife Service of the US Department of the Interior as part of the National Wildlife Refuge system note on Palmyra Atoll: incorporated Territory of the US; partly privately owned and partly federally owned; administered from Washington, DC by the Fish and Wildlife Service of the US Department of the Interior; the Office of Insular Affairs of the US Department of the Interior continues to administer nine excluded areas comprising certain tidal and submerged lands within the 12 nm territorial sea or within the lagoon
  • fedora When the report of this had been made to His Majesty, I received my insignia of the social privilege of the Royal Level and a copy of the Royal Society Bulletin announcing Marguerite's restoration to her place in the House of Hohenzollern, with the title of Princess Marguerite, Daughter of Princess Fedora and Count Rudolf.
  • feeder Major C.T. Bingham has favoured me with the following notes from Tenasserim:-"At the sources of the Winsaw stream, a feeder of the Thoungyeen river, on the 30th April I found a nest of this bird, a mere irregularly roundish pad of moss with very little depression in the centre, containing two fresh eggs, and placed 12 feet or so above the ground in the fork of an evergreen sapling.
  • feel "No," answered Nasmyth reflectively; "I suppose I ought to feel that, but I'm not sure that I do."
  • feral The third lumbar vertebra in one skeleton of a wild British rabbit, and in one of the Porto Santo feral rabbits, had a haemal spine; whilst in four skeletons of large lop-eared rabbits, and in the Himalayan rabbit, this same vertebra had a well-developed haemal spine.
  • festal Sister Mary of the Crucifix, in her sumptuous gown of shot-silk, with pearls wound through her reddish hair and hanging on her bare shoulders, might have stepped from some festal canvas of Bonifazio's.
  • fetal Let us select one of the foodstuffs necessary for the unborn child, and follow its course so far as it relates to fetal nutrition.
  • feudal Tiny windows marked the face of my still sturdy walls, like so many pits left by the pox, and from these in the good old feudal days a hundred marksmen had thrust their thunderous blunderbusses to clear the river of vain-glorious foes.
  • foetal For in the three lower orders of Placental animals, in Hoofed animals, Whales, and Toothless animals, the peculiar spongy membrane, which is called the deciduous membrane, or decidua, and which connects the maternal and the foetal portions of the placenta, does not become developed.
  • ideal The man's love of paradox had piqued him to select this deaf woman; he confessed to his intimate friends that the ideal companion for a musician was one who could never hear him practise his piano.
  • medal He came home with a medal for conspicuous and unexampled valour while actually under fire.
  • pedal Now replace the finger, silently and without striking, on the melody key E. While still pressing this key raise the foot from the pedal.
  • Fidel Fidel goes into the city, and as soon as he has entered, he cries:
  • feeders In exploring for the waters which discharged themselves into the lake, he found that by far the most important of these feeders was the Chambezi; so that he had thus traced the Chambezi from its source to Lake Bangweolo, and the issue from its northern head, under the name of Luapula, and found it enter Lake Moero.
  • out-balance But there is the less need of it, because your prudence will always suggest to you reasons, as it does in that very letter, that must out-balance your fears.
  • out-balances The pain of hunger must give us the pleasure of eating; and here the pain out-balances the pleasure; and as the pain is more vehement, so it lasts much longer; for as it begins before the pleasure, so it does not cease but with the pleasure that extinguishes it, and both expire together.

146 words made from the letters fedearl

3 letter words made from fedearl:

elf, ale, lad, fed, fda, rad, ref, eel, fee, fad, ear, ler, lea, are, far, dre, dle, era, fdr, raf, afl, lee, red, ade, led, dal, eld.

5 letter words made from fedearl:

eldar, leear, arede, flare, eader, felde, frale, leder, edler, leard, darle, alere, arfed, feare, alder, areel, freel, defer, daler, defar, elder, lader, edale, farel, arled, ferla, faler, frade, felda, defla, reale, leare, frede, radle, alred, lafee, lafer, fread, fleed, ledra, elfed, refed, erdal, ralfe, freed, fadel, reald, feela, ardee, eared, defea, daele, feral, rafle, adree, farle.

7 letter words made from fedearl:

redleaf, federal, aelfred.

6 letter words made from fedearl:

fardel, alfred, leader, dealer, fedler, defler, leared, aelred, leafed, ferlae, fealed, fleder, laered, deafer, flared, redeal, deflea.

4 letter words made from fedearl:

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