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How to spell FEEBLEMINDENES correctly?

The misspelling "feeblemindenes" could potentially be corrected as "feeblemindedness", referring to a condition characterized by limited intellectual abilities. Another appropriate suggestion may include "feeble-mindedness", which highlights a similar meaning. Ensuring accurate spelling enhances effective communication and facilitates better understanding of the intended message.

List of suggestions on how to spell feeblemindenes correctly

  • blemishes I apply a concealer to cover up any blemishes on my face before heading out.
  • blenders I bought two new blenders to make smoothies and soups.
  • blinders The horse wore blinders to prevent it from being easily startled by objects on the sides.
  • blindness She was born with congenital blindness and has never seen the colors of the world.
  • clementines I love snacking on sweet, juicy clementines in the winter.
  • feeble The elderly man's feeble attempt at lifting the heavy box was unsuccessful.
  • feelin I'm feelin' great after a long, relaxing vacation.
  • feeling I have a gut feeling that something exciting is about to happen.
  • fleming Alexander Fleming is famous for discovering penicillin, a major breakthrough in medicine.
  • reminders She set multiple reminders on her phone to make sure she didn't forget her dentist appointment.

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