How to spell FEEEL correctly?

We think the word feeel is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell feeel correctly

  • bevel With the bevel square, set to a bevel of 1 in. in 3, draw lines through the division dots.
  • eel "Yeow shall have salt eel for supper" is an emphatic threat.
  • fail I did not fail him, for once the matter was decided, I longed to bring it to an end.
  • fall Out of your thought forever let it fall, Hear no more of it, ever!
  • fecal Fecal immunochemical testing (FIT), and immunochemical fecal occult blood test (iFOBT).
  • fee Never lose sight of the fact that your greatest reward is not your fee, but the doing of a perfect piece of work.
  • feeble As yet my vision is too feeble to penetrate the vail."
  • feebly While the battle on the left was raging fiercely he had contented himself elsewhere with tapping feebly at the enemy's lines.
  • feed "Put my telescope in the back with the horse feed.
  • feeder The total weight of copper for the four quarter districts by the tree system was 803,250 pounds, but when the feeder system was used it was only 128,739 pounds!
  • feel Why should Lord St. Goram feel unhappy?
  • feeler There are, therefore, fifty pustules to each feeler, and the creature possesses in the whole four hundred.
  • fell Once or twice I fell asleep."
  • fella Well, the trader fella was sure it was all gammon, and told us stories of men who'd sacrificed everything and joined a stampede, and got sold-sold badly.
  • feller He is a walking "Brown Stout," that feller.
  • fennel They skirted the wall, fennel towering high on the other side, and turned into a small steep path running down through flowery banks and fields, sheeted with red and blue vetches.
  • feral Superman: The Feral Man of Steel (Superman Annual #6) is a DC Comics Elseworlds special published in 1994.
  • fetal If there was a surplus or deficiency in any of the chromosomes, this meant that there was a fetal aneuploid.
  • fete The theater had been chosen as the place of the fete; and on the entrance of the First Consul and Madame Bonaparte, who advanced leaning on the arm of one of the mayors, there arose a thunder of applause and acclamations.
  • file Though every one of the firing party has fallen, sergeant as well as rank and file, the two officers are still untouched.
  • fill It seemed incredible that even Christians would be foolish enough to fill a treasure-box with nothing but rolls of writing, and then conceal the box so carefully behind this wind-sail!
  • flea "Your ancestral estates ain't much now but a sand-flea menagerie.
  • flee For all the delicacy of that touch, she knew that if she attempted to flee, the grip would be iron.
  • fleet You'll rendezvous the fleet immediately?
  • floe Dot was still down on the raft but Don was standing up when, suddenly, an immense ice-floe coming down stream struck another one and shot out toward shore striking the corner of the raft such a blow that Don measured his full length out on the logs.
  • flue In the form shown in the sketch a chamber or flue B runs through the center near the bottom.
  • foal Seeing that foal, whose bright and glossy skin Was dappled o'er, like blossoms of the rose Upon a saffron lawn, Rustem prepared His noose, and held it ready in his hand.
  • foil It can easily be imagined what description of banter he had to meet and foil.
  • fool He was a fool for thinking he could fool her.
  • foul I caught my daughter smearing poo all over the wall.
  • fowl The chicken fed the fowl.
  • free Hello, I am free tomorrow from 7pm to 10pm.
  • freely I am free to speak my mind.
  • fuel I need to fill up my tank before I go.
  • full I have a full inbox.
  • furl I gather up my furled umbrella and leave.
  • heel I stepped on a heel in my haste.
  • keel
  • level Alice started walking to work at a much slower pace to avoid getting too tired and arriving in a bad mood.
  • peel
  • reel My reel had been stolen.
  • revel She reveled in the pleasure he was giving her.
  • Feet Jolly stumbled to his feet.
  • Flew He flew to Chicago.
  • Fidel Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in the Philippines declared by the former President Fidel V.
  • Fees At Whitehall I met with Commissioner Pett, who told me how Mr. Coventry and Fairbank his solicitor are falling out, one complaining of the other for taking too great fees, which is too true.
  • flees Prince Marko's wonderful courser, 17, 57; story how Marko became possessed of the wonderful steed, 61-65; alternatives, Sharin or Sharo, 62; Marko rides to Kossovo, 68, 69; prepared for fight against a Moor, 76; Marko rides, to Istamboul, 76, 77; Bedevia and, 79, 80, 81; Marko rides, in his conflict with the Moor to abolish his wedding tax, 82-86; how Marko escaped Bogdan the Bully on, 87; Marko attacks General Voutcha on, 91-94; Marko flees from Moorish princes on, 102; the veela Raviyoyla overtaken by, 103, 104; Marko pursues the Turkish Grand Vizir on, 106; Marko rides forth on, to meet Moussa, 112; Marko returns triumphantly to the Sultan at Istamboul on, 114; Marko slays and buries, 116, 117 Shishman, King.
  • feels But it's them as feels the most, sometimes."
  • FOL Fol. London, 1858.
  • FOLL The sky behind him was forlorn and foamy.

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