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How to spell FEEVER correctly?

"Feever" is likely a misspelling of "fever". Correct suggestions could include using spell check or a dictionary, asking someone to proofread or taking a moment to double-check before hitting send. Additionally, practicing spelling and reading regularly can improve overall spelling skills.

List of suggestions on how to spell feever correctly

  • beaver The beaver built an impressive dam across the stream.
  • cheever
  • ever Have you ever traveled to a foreign country?
  • feeder The feeder helps to keep the birds fed.
  • feeler
  • feller The feller brought down the tree with one swift swing of his axe.
  • ferber Ferber was born to a family of magicians.
  • fervor After months of fervor, the fighters had reached the final round.
  • fetter
  • fever She had a high fever and was in a lot of pain.
  • Fevers Fevers are a common symptom of COVID-19.
  • fewer I try to eat fewer sweets to maintain a healthy weight.
  • fiver As my friend handed me a fiver, I realized how broke I truly was.
  • forever
  • Freer At the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., visitors can explore a wide range of modern and contemporary art.
  • heaver Heavier objects can be lifted with a heaver.
  • leaver It's been a long time since the last leaver.
  • lever I need to find my way to the lever to open the door.
  • never I will never forget the amazing trip we took last summer.
  • peeve I'm having a peeve about your messy room.
  • reefer I always keep a bag of reefer in the car in case I get a craving.
  • reeve The newly elected reeve of the village addressed the concerns of the locals at the town hall meeting.
  • server I work as a web server.
  • sever Her employer decided to sever the employment contract due to budget cuts.
  • Soever He shall pay whatever debt, soever it may be.
  • weaver The weaver sits in the sunny window, weaving the colorful cloth.

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