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How to spell FEEZE correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "feeze", it is crucial to provide corrective suggestions. Possible correct alternatives include "freeze", referring to a decrease in temperature or "squeeze", meaning to compress or press tightly. Ensuring accurate spelling aids in effective communication and comprehension.

List of suggestions on how to spell feeze correctly

  • faze
  • fee The fee for the gym membership is due at the end of the month.
  • feed I need to go to the grocery store to buy food to feed my family.
  • feeder The bird feeder was empty so I refilled it with fresh seed.
  • feeds The mother bird feeds the baby birds with worms.
  • feel I feel excited about my upcoming vacation.
  • feeler
  • feels She feels great today after getting a good night's sleep.
  • Fees The fees for the professional certification exam are quite expensive.
  • Feet
  • fence She had to jump over the fence to get to her house.
  • fete The school fete was a huge success, raising thousands of dollars for charity.
  • fez He tipped his fez to the lovely lady who greeted him at the door.
  • fezzes The group of tourists all wore fezzes as they explored the historic market in Istanbul.
  • flee The criminal attempted to flee the scene but was caught by the police.
  • fleece I wore my cozy fleece sweater to keep warm during the chilly evening.
  • free My computer is free.
  • freeze Please freeze the food before you leave.
  • freezer I need to take out the frozen vegetables from the freezer.
  • frieze The classical frieze around the top of the building was beautifully detailed.
  • Froze
  • furze I have a patch of furze on my lawn which I'm going to have to get rid of before the children come over
  • geezer The geezer down the street always tells me stories about the "good old days.
  • jeez I can't believe you ruined my favourite shirt! Jeez.
  • wheeze I found a lemon in my yogurt which caused me to wheeze.

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