Correct spelling for FEICABLE

We think the word feicable is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for feicable

  • cable "Now carry it back about half a cable from the shore," continued the principal of the party.
  • equable 2. The climate of North Carolina is mild and equable.
  • fable Like some mueddin of fantastic fable I stood there.
  • feasible Part time or continuation classes, such as have already proved feasible for other kinds of trade instruction, are the most practicable methods of doing this work.
  • fecal fecal abscess follicular abscess gas abscess gravitation abscess gummatous abscess Hidradenitis suppurativa hematogenous abscess hot abscess hypostatic abscess ischiorectal abscess mastoid abscess metastatic abscess migrating abscess miliary abscess Munro abscess orbital abscess otitic abscess palatal abscess pancreatic abscess parafrenal abscess parametric abscess paranephric abscess parapharyngeal abscess parotid Pautrier pelvic perforating periappendiceal periarticular pericemental perinephric perirectal peritonsillar abscess periureteral abscess phlegmonous abscess Pott abscess premammary abscess (including subareolar abscess) psoas abscess pulp abscess pyemic abscess radicular abscess residual abscess retrobulbar abscess retrocecal abscess retropharyngeal abscess ring abscess satellite abscess septicemic abscess stellate abscess stercoral abscess sterile abscess stitch abscess subdiaphragmatic abscess subepidermal abscess subhepatic abscess subperiosteal abscess subphrenic abscess subungual abscess sudoriferous abscess suture abscess thymic abscesses Tornwaldt abscess tropical abscess tubo-ovarian abscess verminous abscess wandering abscess worm abscess
  • feeble A poor, feeble, polite creature, who looked as if he couldn't hurt a fly--and yet I promise you he startled me!
  • fickle So whimsical, so fickle, so forgetful, so fussy, so wise, and yet so foolish, as these little people are!
  • fixable
  • focal
  • foible
  • forcible
  • fordable
  • friable
  • gable
  • likable
  • revocable
  • vocable
  • feebler Nor was there on all this ground so much as one inn, or victualling house, therein to refresh the feebler sort.

134 words made from the letters feicable

3 letter words made from feicable:

lea, fib, aec, eel, lac, fab, ace, cab, abc, fee, afl, eec, ifc, fbi, cli, cia, bel, bai, ecf, ice, lee, elf, lab, lie, lbf, lei, feb, ail, ali, alb, ale, bee.

5 letter words made from feicable:

biela, balfe, abeel, belie, fabel, lafee, liebe, feebl, blace, belic, albee, eliab, cilea, flibe, calbe, abcee, ceiba, calef, alief, cleef, cable, eleia, baile, cabel, fable, faile, belfi, feile, cifal, facie, ailbe, celeb, lebec, feela, efile, fecal, balie, abele, balci, beile.

4 letter words made from feicable:

eble, elei, feel, ical, fibe, fiel, flab, fabi, elea, fali, eifb, fail, bale, eile, flee, life, leeb, iflb, ilbe, biel, elfi, bele, file, blei, febi, ebel, bafl, elia, alee, beel, beef, face, cafe, calf, flea, lief, fica, elbe, feil, laie, clef, laic, baic, beci, blae, leaf, ilfc, lace, cali, bael, bile, laib, lieb, bail, bece, lebe, fale, bali, able, abel, ible, lafe.

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