Correct spelling for FERRETTING

We think the word ferretting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ferretting

  • ferrying We had not planned to stop at Acala, but after a hard ride over a dreary road and a ferrying across a wide and deep river in a great dugout canoe thirty feet or more in length-our animals swimming alongside-we found our beasts too tired for further progress.
  • formatting The original language, including inconsistencies in spelling, hyphenation, punctuation, formatting, etc. has been retained, except as mentioned below.
  • fruiting The amount of fruiting-wood put up is also reduced to the minimum, so that the yield is low unless good cultivation is provided, in which case, with some varieties and on some soils, the yield is up to the average and the crop is first-class as regards size of bunch and berry, compactness of bunch and maturity.
  • Ferreting You can't go ferreting without ferrets.
  • Forfeiting All their efforts were in vain, and the apostle of Rousseau had the satisfaction of completely unbosoming himself and at the same time forfeiting some contributions to his educational scheme.
  • Forgetting It would be like forgetting my poor momma.
  • Freighting It was at this time that Astor founded Astoria as a fur trading point, on the Columbia River, expecting to operate by ship, as well as freighting overland by the way of Ft.
  • Fretting He was thinking of nothing else himself, confident still of some measure of success, only fretting for his water.
  • Frighting "Thou shalt be punished for thus frighting me, A woman, naturally born to fears; And though thou now confess thou didst but jest, With my vex'd spirits I cannot make a truce, But they will quake and tremble all this day,"-
  • federating On that date the delegates reassembled in Sydney, and debated the bill in the light of the suggestions made by the legislatures of the federating colonies.
  • foresting An outside exhibit of forestry consisted of a nursery and plantation of forest trees, showing the method by which the forest, fish, and game commission of New York is foresting the denuded, nonagricultural lands of the State.

265 words made from the letters ferretting

3 letter words made from ferretting:

gee, tet, tin, err, fen, fin, ref, fee, gin, fri, frg, get, rig, ern, ire, trf, nig, nit, teg, rit, ent, tnf, ten, tie, ter, net, ige, tri, tit, fig, tnt, eft, ene, fit, gen, erg, eeg, ert, ngf, ret, fir, tee, nee.

5 letter words made from ferretting:

geter, geert, figer, trine, tinge, greif, niger, tenri, ferit, neeti, gener, inter, renig, etter, enger, riger, frige, ferin, gerti, tengi, tring, erent, terfe, freie, fient, enter, efter, riege, egret, fenit, inger, rener, tiner, tenir, niete, eteri, tiger, rerig, refit, genre, tenet, frege, tiree, triet, ierne, getin, terne, egert, regni, refer, entre, neige, tener, tirer, freet, egner, frier, retin, reger, eiger, feint, itter, frene, itten, ringe, niter, reife, enitt, fetig, negre, titre, trite, titer, ittee, eigen, grein, tngri, igene, freni, intef, treni, frein, niere, feger, greef, renge, reier, ergin, retie, etten, reign, grief, finer, giner, fiene, trier, finet, rifer, inert, greet, teign, nette, ferer, riner, nitre, gerne, tieng, griet, tente, teter, ergen, tenge, feign, terni, tiene, ferri, gente, infer, negri, gerin, giren, ering, neger, genet, enfer, fener, reing, tiete, nefer, gieen, genri, neier, treif, tetri, feige, trife, frite, fritt, rieng, green, grift, rente, rifte, treet, geier, grine.

4 letter words made from ferretting:

frre, feen, fien, rete, engi, fine, girt, egen, fern, eire, erei, fitr, teti, rift, eter, iten, eien, gene, trig, reti, teen, nett, rire, gent, frie, tine, trei, etre, ting, ntgf, ring, gien, grit, nget, gefn, egri, erne, egin, fing, tern, eier, reeg, nige, inge, girr, grin, tier, tref, nfte, fire, reit, tint, frei, tite, erie, reef, rife, ngee, tire, enif, reen, reni, free, feni, feig, fret, erni, rein, rege, tree, gift, rent, tent, rite, genf, fete.

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