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How to spell FEVERT correctly?

Fevert is likely a misspelling of the word "fever". Possible correct suggestions for this misspelling include: fever, favorite, flavor, feverish, fervent or feeder. The correct suggestion will depend on the context in which the misspelling occurs.

List of suggestions on how to spell fevert correctly

  • avert The quick action of the lifeguard saved the swimmer's life by managing to avert a potential drowning situation.
  • covert The spy carried out the covert operation without being detected.
  • divert During the long car ride, we played games and listened to music to divert ourselves from the boredom.
  • evert She managed to evert the situation and turn it to her advantage.
  • Feet I need to buy new shoes because my feet grew two sizes.
  • fervent She was a fervent supporter of animal rights and dedicated her life to advocating for their welfare.
  • fever I have a high fever and need to stay in bed.
  • fevered She lay in bed, fevered and shaking, convinced she had caught a bad flu.
  • Fevers Fevers can be a symptom of illness.
  • fiver I gave my little brother a fiver for his birthday.
  • overt She wore a dress that displayed her enormous overt breasts.
  • pervert I can't believe he would pervert our conversation for amusement.
  • revert
  • tevet The morning tevet arrived late and I slept through the noon prayers.

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