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How to spell FEWWER correctly?

The correct spelling for "fewwer" is "fewer". To remember the spelling, try to associate it with the word "less". "Fewer" is used when referring to a smaller number of things, while "less" is used when referring to a smaller amount of a non-countable substance.

List of suggestions on how to spell fewwer correctly

  • dewier The grass was wetter than I had anticipated, and the dewier patches made my shoes stick to the ground.
  • ewer The ewer smells horrible!
  • fawner She was a fawner, always following him around.
  • feeder The feeder insects were a welcome addition to the garden.
  • feeler The customer decided to touch the material to get a feeler for its texture.
  • feller
  • ferber
  • fetter The oppressive laws and regulations were a fetter to the progress of the society.
  • fever I think I have a fever, I feel really hot and my head is pounding.
  • fewer I need to buy fewer items at the grocery store this week.
  • flower
  • fowler I have a fowler in my backyard.
  • hewer The hewer tirelessly carved out a path through the thick forest.
  • NEWER This software is newer than the one you are using.
  • sewer A big rat crawled out of the sewer.

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