How to spell FICATION correctly?

We think the word fication is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell fication correctly

  • cation Other chemists have postulated that the properties of the 2-norbornyl cation are very dependent on the solvent environment.
  • diction Cornelius Webb was the author of numerous poems which exhibit in a marked degree the Huntian peculiarities of diction pointed out in the first chapter.
  • faction And Sejanus opened the action by attempting to exclude from the magistracy and from office all the friends of Agrippina and all the members of the opposing faction.
  • fiction And you note that all corner drug stores and all stationers' shops present a window display of "50-cent fiction."
  • fixation The Van Steenbergh plant, with which I have been experimenting for some time, stands apart from all other forms of carbureted water gas plant, in that the upper layer of the fuel itself forms the superheater, and that no second part of any kind is needed for the fixation of the hydrocarbons, an arrangement which reduces the apparatus to the simplest form, and leaves no part which can choke or get out of order, an advantage which will not be underrated by any one who has had experience of these plants.
  • fraction Lacks a fraction of being ten miles square.
  • friction Jennie tingled with indignation as Streeter outlined the plans of the settlers and told of his friction with the redmen, but Curtis remained calm and smiling.
  • fictions The Fictions of Dickens upon solitary confinement, pp.

List of 151 words made from the word fication

3 letter words made from fication:

fao, ani, tai, oat, fit, cia, aft, fin, cot, ant, can, ton, oct, fan, tan, not, tic, ifc, otc, nit, tao, tnf, ain, act, fat, con, tia, cat, cio, oft, ion, oca, tin, oaf.

5 letter words made from fication:

iacon, actif, cofan, antic, finai, tinca, finci, ficta, caion, caton, fianc, canto, cinoa, coaft, tonic, tanii, nacif, ionic, toica, tonfa, faton, infit, fonic, octan, finot, atoni, cotan, coati, tinio, tiano, otani, ciano, ifnot, fatio, natio, finta, ocain, nicot, noica, canot, tanco, ianto, faint, fiato, fitin, ciani, actin, conti, ician, cinta, nitai, aiton, conta, ontic, ticao, fitna, naito, tonci, otaci, cioni, cinto, fonti, ionia, niota, ation, ciona, fanti, actio, cotai, tocai, caito, canio, afcon.

4 letter words made from fication:

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