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How to spell FIES correctly?

If you're unsure of the correct spelling for "fies", there are several suggestions to consider. It could be "flies", "fries", "files", "fibs" or "fires". By double-checking the context and meaning of the word, you can find the correct spelling easily.

List of suggestions on how to spell fies correctly

  • Dies He dies at the end of the novel.
  • Fees The fees for attending this course are very high.
  • fibs She had a tendency to tell little fibs to avoid getting in trouble.
  • Fie
  • fief The lord gave a portion of his land to his vassal as a fief.
  • fifes The fifes were used as an instrument in military music during the Revolutionary War.
  • figs
  • files I need to get my files from the cabinet.
  • fines The library imposes heavy fines on those who do not return their borrowed books on time.
  • fins The shark's fins cut through the water like knives as it swam swiftly towards its prey.
  • fires
  • firs The scent of firs filled the air during our hike through the forest.
  • fits The new clothing fits me perfectly.
  • fives
  • fixes She fixes her hair every time she sees her reflection in the mirror.
  • flies The flies were buzzing around the overripe fruit on the counter.
  • foes I have many foes, but I know who my friends are.
  • fries
  • HIES I HIES the cake.
  • lies
  • PIES I love baking different types of pies, especially during the holidays.
  • ties Some of the local ties between the two countries are strong.
  • vies He vies for the top position in the company.

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