How to spell FIGID correctly?

We think the word figid is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell figid correctly

  • digit Who can blame the butter for melting in the flame, or make it a crime in the ocean, for rising in tumult and agitation at the sight of the tender digit of the moon?
  • fad Still it must be admitted that there never was a fad or folly, however absurd, without some honest disciples,-weak, but conscientious advocates.
  • fagged In the first place, the very difficult task of keeping the volatile mind of a child continuously fixed to the subject during the lengthened reading of the whole narrative will be unnecessary;-the irritation and uneasiness which such a lengthened exercise must produce in a child will be avoided;-time will be economised, the labour of the teacher will be spared, and the mind of the child at the close of the exercise, instead of being fagged and prostrated, will be found vigorous and lively.
  • fagin Suspected by Fagin of plotting against her accomplices, the Jew so worked on Sikes that the savage housebreaker murdered her.
  • fdic The number of bank failures is tracked and published by the FDIC since 1934 and has decreased after a peak in 2010 due to the financial crisis of 2007–08.
  • fed As soon as a movement is on foot for parks the seekers after gain will be there howling "the poor must be fed!"
  • fetid Accordingly after a few such preliminaries as brushing, in spite of his having forgotten to take up his rather soapsuddy handkerchief after it had done yeoman service in the shaving line, they both walked together along Beaver street or, more properly, lane as far as the farrier's and the distinctly fetid atmosphere of the livery stables at the corner of Montgomery street where they made tracks to the left from thence debouching into Amiens street round by the corner of Dan Bergin's.
  • fidget After this little explanation Griffin showed a marked disinclination for the company of Bellefont, and became, indeed, quite a useful member of the community, though he always retained such acute memories that an angry tone from Stover would cause him to fidget and calculate the distance to the door.
  • field The field telegraph, fixed up in a tree, has called the lieutenant.
  • fiend Day and night the thought haunts me like a fiend, that my life is lost for ever.
  • fig Its garrison was strong; its governor scoffed: "a fig for the Huguenots!"
  • fight He had a bigger fight on his hands.
  • figured Who figured out the Vanish?
  • fiji Before I left Fiji I heard that the Lurline had gone to her last berth.
  • find "You'll find them ...
  • fined We accordingly adjudged him guilty of contempt, fined him five hundred dollars, and ordered him to be committed to prison until the fine should be paid.
  • fired Then Carlino fired up, caught, her wrists, and shook her so that he really hurt her.
  • fit Buy a pair of workman's boots to fit you.
  • fixed His eyes were no longer fixed on her face.
  • fjord Then something new and unheard of plumped down into the little cottage by the fjord.
  • fluid Fluid extract of lappa is exhibited even now to lepers.
  • fog As I was standing Upon the ramparts of the Campo Santo With Alessandro Bene, I beheld A sea of fog, that covered all the plain, And hid from us the foe; when suddenly, A misty figure, like an apparition, Rose up above the fog, as if on horseback.
  • fogged But beyond that he was somewhat fogged.
  • forged That helmet and breastplate had been forged for his special use of the finest silver and gold plate, and were better fit to turn the point of my pen-knife than that of sword and lance.
  • frigid Carse's gray eyes were as frigid as the snow caps of Mars.
  • fug I refuse to fug.
  • fungoid
  • gad
  • gd The gd movie was really good.
  • gird I need to gird my loins and get ready for the battle.
  • kid
  • rigid The children were very rigid in their decision to not go to the party.
  • Filed Yet, evoked by a woman's handclasp in the long line which had filed by him as he stood in the executive chamber surrounded by his glittering staff, it was the past which most absorbed him.
  • Fud Fud is an acronym for "greatest underdevelopment in the world.
  • Fudged After she fudged the test, she was scolded by her teacher.
  • Ged John took a seat in the back of the classroom.
  • Gide
  • Git
  • Fido The puppy dogs were surprised, and Fido was very sorry indeed, for he remembered how good Raggedy Ann had been to him and how she had rescued him from the dog-pound.
  • figs The growth is olives, figs, vines, mulberries, corn, clover, and lucerne.
  • faked Then the chorus girls could come out in regimentals, each one "playing" some instrument-the music faked by the orchestra or produced by "zobos"-and when they were all on the stage, the chorus could be played again with rousing effect.
  • FD Political parties and leaders: Rally for the Republic or RPR [Philippe SEGUIN]; Union for French Democracy or UDF (coalition of PR, FD, RAD, PPDF) [Francois LEOTARD]; Democratie Liberale or DL [Alain MADELIN]; Democratic Force or FD [Francois BAYROU]; Socialist Party or PS [Francois HOLLANDE]; Communist Party or PCF [Robert HUE]; National Front or FN [Jean-Marie LE PEN]; The Greens [Jean-Luc BENNAHMIAS]; Generation Ecology or GE [Brice LALONDE]; Citizens Movement or MDC [Jean Pierre CHEVENEMENT]; National Center of Independents and Peasants or CNIP [Oliver d'ORMESSON]; Radical Socialist Party or PRS (previously the Left Radical Movement or MRG) [Jean-Michel BAYLET]; Movement for France or LDI-MPF [Philippe DEVILLIERS]; Mouvement des Reformateurs [Jean-Pierre SOISSON]; Mouvement Ecologiste Independant [Jenevieve ANDUEZA]; Parti Populaire Pour la Democratie Francaise or PPDF [Herve de CHARETTE]; Parti Radical [Thierry CORNILLET]; Adherents Directs [Pierre-Andre WILTZER]
  • FWD It is important to always be aware of the FWD signal.
  • god

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