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How to spell FIIGHT correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "fiight" are "fight", "flight", "height", "sight", "alright", "knight" or "tight". It depends on the context of the word and the intended meaning. Checking the dictionary or using online spell checkers can also help in correcting misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell fiight correctly

  • bight The nautical chart indicated that we were entering a bight in the coastline.
  • eight
  • fidget
  • fight They got into a fight over who was going to win the game.
  • fights The children were sent to the principal's office for getting into multiple fights during recess.
  • flight I will book a flight to visit my family in another city.
  • flighty She's so flighty that she changes her mind about what to do every five minutes.
  • Fought
  • freight The company transported the freight via truck.
  • fright
  • light She turned on the light and the room illuminated.
  • might I might go to the party tonight if I finish my work in time.
  • night I love to read a book before I go to bed every night.
  • right I believe I made a right turn to get to the library.
  • sight The view from the top of the mountain was an awe-inspiring sight.
  • tight She held on tight to the railing to make sure she didn't slip on the ice.
  • wight The wight that haunted the castle was said to be the ghost of a former king.

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