How to spell FIINE correctly?

If you find yourself accidentally typing "fiine" instead of "fine", fret not, as there are a couple of potential correct alternatives. The most obvious one is to simply correct it to "fine". However, if you're looking for variation, you can also opt for "fines" or "finer". Remember to proofread your work to ensure accuracy!

List of suggestions on how to spell fiine correctly

  • divine She believed that the beauty of the sunset was a sign of the divine.
  • fain I would fain know the answer to that question.
  • famine The famine in the country has caused widespread starvation and malnutrition.
  • feline The feline purred contentedly as its owner stroked its soft fur.
  • fiance My fiance proposed to me in Paris last year.
  • Fie " Fie upon thee for thy insolence!" exclaimed the king.
  • filing I am currently filing all of the paperwork into their designated folders.
  • fin The fisherman carefully removed the hook from the fish's fin before releasing it back into the water.
  • find I need to find my lost keys before I can leave for work.
  • fine
  • fined
  • finer
  • fines The city imposes heavy fines on those who litter on the streets.
  • Fining
  • finite The resources of our planet are finite, and we must use them carefully.
  • fink I can't believe he's such a fink, he sold us out to the boss.
  • finn Finn is a reliable and efficient worker at the company.
  • Finned
  • Finny I hope Finny is feeling better today.
  • fins The dolphin used its fins to propel itself through the water.
  • Fiona Igor and Fiona are getting married this summer.
  • firing I was still asleep when the firing started.
  • fringe A fringe of trees dominated the horizon.

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