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How to spell FIITED correctly?

If you're looking for correct suggestions for the misspelling "fiited", consider "fitted" or "fit". These two words correctly convey the meaning of adjusting or conforming something to a desired size or shape. So, if you meant to write "fitted" or simply "fit", you're right on track!

List of suggestions on how to spell fiited correctly

  • Cited He cited several sources in his research paper to back up his arguments.
  • Fainted She fainted after hearing the news of her husband's death.
  • Fasted
  • fated It seemed as though the two were fated to meet, their paths crossing at just the right moment.
  • feinted I feinted with my left hand and then swiped with my right.
  • felted The fibers were felted together using hot water and soap before being dried.
  • Feted The reception was feted with champagne and canapes.
  • Filed She filed a complaint with the company about the faulty product.
  • fined
  • finite The number of possible outcomes is finite.
  • fired The manager was fired after she lost her temper with the customers.
  • Fitted She was wearing a fitted blouse.
  • fitter He wants to become fitter by going to the gym regularly.
  • flied
  • Flirted She flirted with him and he responded by flirting back.
  • Flitted
  • Fluted The column was fluted with a thin,Victorian-style molding.
  • Foisted The teacher foisted the responsibility onto the students, making them plan the entire field trip.
  • footed The newborn giraffe footed its way towards its mother.
  • fried I absolutely love fried chicken.
  • fruited
  • gifted The Gifted musician stunned the audience with his performance.
  • kited I kited up the river all morning.
  • lifted My arm was lifted off the ground.
  • Rifted There is something wrong with Rifted.
  • Sifted All the flour has been sifted.
  • Sited The museum is sited on a beautiful green site.

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