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How to spell FILLL correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "filll", there are several possibilities for the intended word. It could be "fill", meaning to make something full, "file", referring to a folder or document or "filler", denoting something used to complete or enhance. Double-checking context can help in determining the correct suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell filll correctly

  • bill I have to pay my electricity bill before it's due next week.
  • dill I added a couple dill fronds to my salad.
  • faille The faille fabric had a subtle sheen and gave the dress a beautiful texture.
  • fall
  • falls I was headed to the falls for a refreshing morning walk, when I realized that it had started to rain.
  • fell I fell down the stairs and hurt my leg.
  • fella I saw an old fella walking his dog in the park this morning.
  • fells
  • Fidel Fidel Castro was a controversial but influential leader of Cuba.
  • field I need a towel for my field work.
  • filch I forgot my backpack at the library so I had to filch one off of one of the students.
  • file I need to organize my paperwork into a file for easy access.
  • Filed
  • filer
  • files I need to organize these files before submitting them to my boss.
  • filet I had a filet that was delicious.
  • filial I am indebted to my parents for their exemplary filial behavior.
  • fill Could you please fill the glass with water?
  • filled I'm feeling quite filled up at the moment.
  • filler
  • fillet I wish I could fillet the fish for dinner, but I don't have a fillet knife.
  • fillip A little fillip to her spirits gave her the boost she needed to get back on track.
  • fills The scent of coffee fills the air in the morning.
  • filly She rode a handsome palomino filly.
  • film
  • filmy The filmy substance coated the inside of the test tube.
  • FILO I'm a fan of filo dough.
  • filth The house was filled with filth and grime.
  • final
  • fitly The roses fitly adorned theement.
  • FOLL
  • folly It was a folly for her to go out without her escort.
  • frill She decided to remove the frill from her dress to make it look more sleek and modern.
  • frilly The skirt was very frilly.
  • full I am so full from eating that delicious meal.
  • fulls As a sewing hobbyist, I like to keep a supply of different colors and types of threads, including fulls of cotton and silk.
  • fully
  • gill
  • hill The hill is steep.
  • ill My sister is feeling ill today and has stayed home from school.
  • Jill Jill loves to play tennis.
  • mill I'm going to mill the grain.
  • pill
  • rill I always feel a bit rill when I am around her.
  • sill I found a tiny piece of sill outside my window.
  • till We'll just wait here till you get back.
  • will

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