How to spell FINATE correctly?

We think the word finate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell finate correctly

  • ante Ten dollars was the ante; no limit.
  • dante One version is the work of a certain Hacke van Mijnden, who devoted all his life to the study of Dante.
  • definite She made you a definite promise."
  • donate Non-profits have an advantage in fund-raising, as most people will not donate to a for-profit childcare organization.
  • fade Nor is't thy blame Thou first should'st glow, and, after, fade i' the flame.
  • faint With a murmur of thankfulness and a look of gratitude at his late enemy, the Pasha uttered a faint sigh and closed his eyes in the last long sleep of death.
  • fascinate She therefore dissuaded her no more: but nursed in her excited heart the wild and increasing desire to know if sorcery had indeed a spell to fascinate love to love.
  • fat "They are behind," he answered, and fear was again overspreading his fat face.
  • fate Revenge for all the hopes and all the dreams Which ever a vindictive fate destroyed!
  • fated Was it they that were fated to charm away manhood and nobility and the rich earnest of success?
  • feat The greatest feat of modern speech, in its immediate effect, was Henry Ward Beecher's speech to the Liverpool mob.
  • feint They marched, countermarched, stormed, made feint attacks, occupied the gates, put their guns in position, and did everything, short of actual violence, that they could to demonstrate to the Koreans that they were able to enforce their demands.
  • fete She invited her friends over for a festive fete.
  • fiance Bernie's fiance, Eleanor, was in the audience.
  • fiancee
  • fiat The currency is fiat.
  • filet
  • fin The fishes were jumping out of the water,FIN.
  • final
  • finale
  • finality
  • find We searched for the toy but it was nowhere to be found.
  • finder
  • fine You'll have to cut it with a fine edge.
  • fined
  • finer The finer points of the job were new to her.
  • finest
  • finger Touch your fingertip to my fingertip.
  • finite Mathematics deals with infinite quantities, but finite quantities are also important in many disciplines.
  • finitely I am infinitely grateful.
  • finn Finn is a funny guy.
  • fit
  • fitter I need a fitter for the marathon.
  • fixate
  • flint
  • flinty The flinty instructor kept her class on track.
  • fondue
  • font
  • gnat I swat at a gnat that flew by.
  • innate The innate ability to speak is a gift from GOD.
  • inter
  • minute She listened to the minute details of his life.
  • nato
  • note The note said to meet at the park at nine.
  • ornate The ornate architecture of the old castle was impressive.
  • pinata We were planning to hang a pinata in the tree outside, but it started to rain and we forgot to buy candy.
  • pinnate
  • senate The senator addressed the crowd.
  • unite
  • Fainted She could have shouted, danced, wept, or fainted her relief.
  • Faints There is rust upon locks and hinges, And mold and blight on the walls, And silence faints in the chambers, And darkness waits in the halls-
  • Finned The fish fins were curled in the water.
  • Nat
  • Fiona
  • Nate Nate craved a cheeseburger.
  • fines
  • feints I feinted to the right and then threw a left.
  • INT
  • feinted I feinted with my right hand and he jumped out of the way.
  • finked I was finked by my friend.

List of 69 words made from the word finate

5 letter words made from finate:

feint, afeni, tenia, finta, fient, fanie, nafie, naief, einat, tinea, fenit, faint, entia, finet, teian, etian, intef, fitna, fante, eatin, aften, fanti.

3 letter words made from finate:

eta, ain, tan, ant, fan, aft, ate, tin, ten, ani, eat, ane, ent, fen, tea, eft, net, tai, fit, tnf, nit, tie, fat, fin, tia.

4 letter words made from finate:

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