Correct spelling for FINCE

We think the word fince is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for fince

  • evince But Sheila was perverse, and refused to evince any enthusiasm, and ended by pulling out a novel over which she chuckled, quite regardless of the scenery, and only tore herself from the book to ask for the box of chocolate marsh mallows that she had bought at the last town where there was a good confectioner's.
  • face For the first time I saw his face.
  • faience But now we find it appearing in a high state of development in Crete in the beautiful faience reliefs of the wild-goat and kids, the vases with the wild-rose in relief on the lip, and the figurines of the Snake Goddess and her votaresses.
  • fancier The brown mouse can very rarely be tamed; but white mice are bred and brought up in a state of domestication, and the young fancier can obtain a pair for a shilling at any of the fanciers.
  • fancy By the way," he went on, turning towards the detective, "is it my fancy or have I not had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Brightman in America?
  • fence She was taught to ride and to shoot, to hunt and to fence, to undertake all of a boy's exercises, and to endure all a boy's privations.
  • fenced Pretty soon he fenced the patch to keep out prehistoric animals.
  • fencer Happily he was a glorious fencer, or I must have perished, for he jumped every obstacle with a rush; staked fences, wide ditches-so wide that he landed over them on his belly-tangled gorse, and branches of rivers swollen by recent rains; he flew them all. At length, when my strength was quite exhausted and my dizzy brain utterly powerless and confused, I beheld before me a stone wall, a high one, with heavy coping-stones upon the top. At this I resolved to breast him, and run my chance for life or death in the turn over, which, from the pace at which we were approaching it, I knew must be a mighty one. In a moment we were up to it and, with a cry to heaven for mercy, I dug him with my spur and sent him at it. To my utter astonishment, for the wall was six and a half feet high, he put down his head, rushed at it, cleared it without ever laying a shoe upon the topmost stones, and landed with a frightful slip and clatter, but still safely on his feet-where?
  • fiance A young girl may not, even with her fiance, lunch in a road house without a chaperon, or go on a journey that can by any possibility last over night.
  • fiancee For weeks the determination to seek his fortune in the then almost unknown Canadian West had been growing upon him, and as it grew he shrank more and more from disclosing his plans to his fiancee.
  • fierce It was all over within a minute's fierce fighting-the surprise turning the trick.
  • fin The king's men were soon at the edge of the bog, and the black rider called out to the old woman: "Where is Fin?"
  • finance A committee on finance was chosen, to thoroughly canvass any endowments offered.
  • finch Another was a diminutive finch, dressed in a suit of red, blue, and green.
  • fine Her tea caddy-"the cannisters were all most full of fine Hyson"-was not forgotten.
  • fined And so hot was the conflict and hate between them, that a sheriff had been fined by the King in 100,000 pounds, and a former lord mayor had even been sentenced to the pillory, because he would not swear falsely.
  • finer And in one as in the other the finer susceptibilities grow dull.
  • finesse As the object of a finesse is to catch a high card on the right, it is folly to finesse against nothing-for example, the leader opens with Knave against a No-trump; the Third Hand has King and others; when the Dummy has the Queen, it is obvious the King should not be played unless the Queen cover the Knave, but when the Dummy holds only worthless cards, the Third Hand should play the King, as, should he finesse against nothing, he would allow the Queen to win.
  • finger Surely my finger was on the spring!
  • finis They were left in a state of hopeless curiosity, as who, having picked up a page with " Finis" written upon it, falls to wondering what the story may have been.
  • finn It was clear to him that Lady Mary had told the story of her engagement to Mrs. Finn, and that Mrs. Finn had not as yet told it to the Duke.
  • fins At about the time of hatching, the fins differ too much from those of the adult, and the general form has too few peculiarities, to give any clew to this problem.
  • france Nowhere in France the morning after a night in Paris.
  • furnace Hot winds sweeping as though from a furnace.
  • mince One day about noon I'm standin' lookin' in the stall door, watchin' him mince over his oats.
  • nice Charlie's a nice boy.
  • wince Arthur did not even wince.
  • Finns And as, of all helpers, the Finns and Esthonians were admittedly the most efficacious, conversations were begun with their leaders.
  • Since I don't wish to die, no matter where and no matter how, and I have since been ashamed of myself.
  • Vince Lonergan and Vince were close behind, firing over them, while Wallie remained in back.
  • Finches Far off the little owl cried; in the thick thorn-brake the lark and finches sang; the ringdove moaned; the yellow bees were flitting round the springs.
  • fines Every European vessel brought new cargoes of the sect, eager to testify against the oppression which they hoped to share; and when shipmasters were restrained by heavy fines from affording them passage, they made long and circuitous journeys through the Indian country, and appeared in the province as if conveyed by a supernatural power.
  • fingers Worked her fingers off for them.
  • fences At last the monastery lay right below us, a common square surrounded with wooden fences.

14 words made from the letters fince

4 letter words made from fince:

enic, inec, cefn, fien, fine, enif, nice, feni.

3 letter words made from fince:

fen, nec, fin, ice, ifc, ecf.

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