Correct spelling for FINEGERS

We think the word finegers is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for finegers

  • finagler
  • fineness Then she thought to herself, since it could not be, at least she wished she could choose his wife-some one who would be worthy of the desperate battle he was fighting, of the big vision that was awakening, of the fineness and the gentle strength which glowed through every page and moved her strongly.
  • fungous Round, black spots form on the leaves when attacked by the fungous.
  • fungus The parasite, or fungus, lives inside the wheat."
  • Angers Are you sure that this is Angers!"
  • Finches Let's do it, then,-put in chintz, pictures, flowers, books, a jar of goldfish, a cage of finches,-anything that will make her forget that terrible white procession of bergs.
  • fines Muravieff's executions may have been less numerous than is commonly supposed; but in the form of pecuniary requisitions and fines he undoubtedly aimed at nothing less than the utter ruin of a great part of the class most implicated in the rebellion.
  • fenders He finally decided on a rather well-used ladies' phaeton which he purchased for $70. The leather dash was in so deplorable a state it would have to be recovered before the carriage went onto the road, and the leather fenders it once possessed had previously been removed; yet the upholstery appeared to be in satisfactory condition, and the candle lamps were intact.
  • finales
  • mongers
  • lineages
  • hungers
  • fingers
  • fangs
  • rangers
  • forgers
  • dangers
  • finagles
  • fencers
  • finesses
  • avengers While the avengers-whose vengeance was thus forestalled-were busy scraping a shallow grave for the remains of the outlaw, a shout was raised by several of the party who dashed after something into a neighbouring copse.
  • congers
  • finders
  • finises
  • winkers
  • finishers
  • mangers
  • hangers
  • sinkers
  • reneges
  • cartooned
  • freightages

349 words made from the letters finegers

3 letter words made from finegers:

frg, gee, ern, ref, fig, fir, ige, fen, fee, gin, irs, nee, ies, esr, nig, sen, ngf, sif, rig, sir, gsr, ese, fes, sin, erg, fin, res, ene, see, gen, fri, ire, eeg.

4 letter words made from finegers:

fire, erie, eier, sein, genf, erni, fens, frie, grin, fern, gene, erei, sign, ngee, free, eris, fins, sire, firs, ries, sege, erse, frei, segi, gefn, sieg, gnsr, feig, seer, rife, egri, sine, sene, rein, eire, engi, erne, figs, rege, ring, enif, nige, fine, feni, serf, egis, reef, seen, gien, egin, gris, eien, feen, inge, sree, reen, reeg, sing, gens, rise, fing, egen, gfsn, ings, sere, fien, reni, seef, fise.

5 letter words made from finegers:

gerin, frise, nerfs, siege, feens, seier, enger, giren, siner, serin, feign, eisen, rfees, rines, rieng, giese, reens, frein, sfeir, neier, fines, geier, regni, finer, genri, fener, freni, girns, rense, renes, renig, freis, infer, niger, rings, ergen, reife, grine, feser, fresi, erins, sefer, riese, fiene, reing, reins, grief, gieen, singe, sgeir, isger, serge, serei, reifs, negre, greef, resen, feger, inese, sfeer, eines, frege, seife, ferin, giers, renge, frens, feige, seing, grein, riege, gener, ierne, reign, niese, geens, sneer, niere, fries, frese, inger, geers, genis, firns, freie, seige, ering, enfer, ernes, segen, reise, seeif, sengi, ersin, neifs, gines, fiser, frigs, gersi, resin, igene, feres, frees, frene, green, ergin, grins, neige, greis, egers, egner, reefs, siree, gerne, seine, nefer, geise, sfere, sring, seren, genre, feers, isneg, segni, risen, seein, isner, isere, rinse, eigen, siren, gries, figer, fense, frige, rensi, fires, giner, eiger, segre, greif, serif, ringe, neger, niefs, fenis, negri.

6 letter words made from finegers:

freien, geiser, fersen, ferens, regies, fieger, freies, sering, greins, senger, reigns, greens, gersen, frisee, genres, refine, energi, finers, freise, giesen, eigner, genesi, geisen, enfers, giefer, seifer, seiger, engers, renies, neiers, resign, siegen, frings, griese, feigns, infers, nigers, neiges, fringe, feigen, fenger, seigen, infere, seeing, gernes, fernie, finger, siefer, reisen, signee, renigs, irgens, eisner, genies, feerin, riesen, fieres, fieser, seiren, feiger, negeri, enserf, sergen, gesner, friges, figner, reines, serfin, segner, reigen, feiner, singer, gesine, ingres, fering, gieser, signer, serine, griefe.

7 letter words made from finegers:

feniger, enfires, energis, friesen, serigne, feering, seigner, generis, fingers, grefsen, ergines, ferengi, fringes, feesing, greisen, fineers, reesing, erigens, freeing, refines, feerins.

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