Correct spelling for FINERAL

We think the word fineral is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for fineral

  • Feral(Definition of feral)
  • --many insects and other invertebrates, mostly noxious, have been accidentally naturalized, and some have been deliberately introduced, like the honey-bee, now feral in australasia and north america, and the humble-bee, imported into new zealand to effect the fertilization of red clover.

  • Final(Definition of final)
  • 10,822. when you went to settle for your final balance, were you also asked whether you wanted anything?

  • Finery(Definition of finery)
  • The bridegroom sat with the high bridegroom's hat between his legs and a sou'-wester on his head; he had on a great fur coat, and he held an umbrella over the bride, who, with one shawl on the top of another, to protect the bridal crown and the rest of her finery, looked more like a wet hayrick than a human being.

  • Finical(Definition of finical)
  • Sir thomas atkyns, a single gentleman, not a little finical and ceremonious, and a mighty beau, though of the tawdry sort, and affecting foreign airs; as if he was afraid it would not be judged by any other mark that he had travelled.

  • Funereal(Definition of funereal)
  • Everything seemed like a dream-this lonely african river, with the faint moonlight glimmering here and there upon its dark bosom, while the tree tops upon untrodden islets flitted past in a slow, funereal procession, befitting a land of silence and death.

  • Federal(Definition of federal)
  • One instance will show how weak was the federal authority.

  • Mineral(Definition of mineral)
  • It lacks certain mineral salts and its content of the "a." vitamine is too low to permit oats alone to give satisfactory growth results.

  • Funeral(Definition of funeral)
  • An' then when we come back past where the funeral was, an' i see them flowers-seemed like i hed to see how 'twould be to put 'em on my grave, that i'd took over.

  • Finial(Definition of finial)
  • The outer moulding, on its upper side, throws out the most fantastic curves and cusps, which with their finials nearly encircle two little round windows, and then in wilder curves push up through the square framing at the top to a finial just below the window.

  • Funerals
  • Funerals and the like are generally attended by mourners, and, well, where would i come in?

  • General(Definition of general)
  • Like a skilful general miss tripp was sweeping her field clear of her disappointment, preparatory to marshalling her forces for a new campaign.

209 words made from the letters fineral

5 letter words made from fineral:

liner, afire, flair, larne, alire, anile, linfa, lerna, irena, finra, anier, liera, elfin, final, farne, nilar, frane, lifer, arine, inler, freia, afrin, arief, reali, flare, lanre, lfnar, lerin, frale, lifar, erlan, feral, lafer, learn, firle, infra, farle, erfan, faire, reial, lirae, areni, erlin, ifran, fanie, feria, frain, feira, afeni, fearn, naief, falin, rafle, neafl, irfan, frail, laner, rifle, freni, infer, erian, neral, narfi, farel, finer, friel, ferla, frein, renai, falen, enlai, faler, alfin, refai, flein, filar, ferin, alier, renal, leira, reila, filan, liren, filer, alien, afren, ralfe, ranil, flrie, aline, flier, lifan, nafie, alnif, alief, faile.

3 letter words made from fineral:

era, fan, air, ler, ear, enl, fri, ani, ane, fen, ire, lan, fir, ali, lei, nil, lea, raf, lin, rna, fin, ale, are, ref, ain, elf, lie, ail, lir, far, ern, ira, afl.

4 letter words made from fineral: