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How to spell FINISE correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "finise" instead of "finish", fret not! Autocorrect or spell-check features might not recognize this as an error, but the correct term is indeed "finish". Remember to double-check your spellings, proofread your work, and use reliable resources such as dictionaries when in doubt.

List of suggestions on how to spell finise correctly

  • fine She seemed fine after the accident.
  • fines The city council approved higher fines for parking violations.
  • finesse She handled the situation with such finesse that no one even realized there had been a problem.
  • finis The book concludes with the word "finis", signifying the end.
  • finises She finises her work early so that she can spend time with her family in the evening.
  • finish
  • finishes She always finishes her work before anyone else does.
  • finite The number of opportunities in life is finite, so it's important to make the most of each one.
  • Finns The Finns are proud of their country's reputation for being one of the happiest in the world.
  • fins The shark's powerful fins enable it to swim quickly and smoothly through the water.

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