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How to spell FINIT correctly?

The misspelling "finit" could be corrected to "finite", meaning having limits or bounds. Another possible suggestion is "finish", meaning to complete or come to an end. Additionally, "finer" (more delicate or precise) or "faint" (not strong or clear) could also be appropriate alternatives depending on the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell finit correctly

  • faint She felt faint after standing in line for three hours in the hot sun.
  • feint He made a feint to the right before dodging to the left.
  • fiat The government issued a fiat stating that all citizens must wear masks in public spaces.
  • fin The fisherman carefully held the wriggling fin of the large tuna.
  • find I need to find a missing puzzle piece.
  • fine I feel fine today, thank you for asking.
  • fined
  • finest
  • finis After many months of hard work, the novel was finally complete, and the author wrote "finis" at the bottom of the last page.
  • finite The resources available are finite and must be used wisely.
  • finn Finn loves playing with his dog in the park.
  • fit I am going to the gym to get fit.
  • flint The early inhabitants of the Americas used flint to create tools and weapons.
  • font I like the font you used in your presentation.
  • INT
  • inuit The Inuit are a group of indigenous people who inhabit the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland.
  • knit My grandmother taught me how to knit a beautiful scarf.
  • nit I need to comb through my hair to remove any remaining nit.

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