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How to spell FIRAE correctly?

The correct spelling of "firae" may depend on the context in which the word is used. Possible correct suggestions could be "fire" if referring to flames or burning, "fierce" if describing a strong or intense emotion or "faerie" if referencing a mythical creature from folklore.

List of suggestions on how to spell firae correctly

  • afire
  • fare I always check the train fare before booking my ticket.
  • fibre I eat a lot of fibre to keep my digestive system healthy.
  • Fie Fie upon thee for bringing such ill news.
  • fir The fir tree's branches were decorated with colorful ornaments for the holiday season.
  • fire The fire grew larger and hotter as the flames licked up the sides of the building.
  • fired He was fired from his job for constantly showing up late.
  • Firer The firer ignited the fireworks, sending colors and sparks across the sky.
  • fires The firefighters worked tirelessly to contain the raging fires in the forest.
  • Fora The Fora is a famous stadium in Athens.
  • forage The young deer knew how to forage for food in the forest.
  • foray
  • fore The golfer lined up his shot, attempting to hit the ball fore with precision.
  • FRAG The soldier carefully handled the frag grenade, knowing the danger it could cause if mishandled.
  • frame She chose a beautiful frame for her favorite family photo.
  • Fran
  • frat
  • frau The Frau walked down the street with her shopping bags in hand.
  • fray The edges of the old blanket had started to fray.
  • free My friend gave me a free ticket to the concert.
  • frye
  • ira Ira was filled with resentment after being passed up for a promotion once again.
  • ire He has a lot of ire for the injustices of the world.
  • Rae I have a Rae costume to go as at the party.

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