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How to spell FISED correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "fised" could include "fixed", "fizzed", "fused" or "fished", depending on the context of the word. It is important to use the correct spelling to convey a clear and coherent message in any written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell fised correctly

  • biased The reporter's article seemed biased, as it only presented one side of the story.
  • faced She faced her fear of heights and climbed to the top of the mountain.
  • failed
  • Fasted
  • Faxed I faxed a copy of my resume to John.
  • fazed She was obviously fazed by his rejection.
  • fed I fed the cat this morning but forgot to feed myself.
  • feed I am going to feed the cats before I leave for work.
  • Fibbed I fibbed on my math test and got a D.
  • field I love playing soccer on the field.
  • fiend She was such a fiend for chocolate that she couldn't resist having a piece every day.
  • Filed
  • filled I am filled with envy.
  • find We need to find our way back to the house.
  • fined The girl was fined for littering.
  • Finned I'm not finned.
  • fired Tom got fired from his job for always showing up late.
  • firmed I firmed up the mattress before I went to bed.
  • Fished
  • Fisk Fisk is a small town in Michigan.
  • fist
  • fists
  • Fitted I bought a new fitted dress.
  • fixed
  • Fizzed
  • Fled
  • flied The baseball was flied out to center field for the third out of the inning.
  • foiled The bank robbery attempt was foiled by the quick thinking of the security guard.
  • Foisted Foisted whisky was pouring out of the bottle like a fast-flowing river.
  • Foxed The pages of the book were foxed due to moisture and age.
  • Fred
  • fried I'm really looking forward to the fried chicken dinner.
  • fuse The circuit may fuse if too much electricity flows through it.
  • fused She fused her eyebrows on accident.
  • fusee The Fusione Fragmatic fusee was designed for high quality, large caliber ammunition.
  • Fussed My mother fussed over the dinner party arrangements for hours.
  • Hissed The cat hissed at the stranger entering its territory.
  • iced Iced tea on a hot summer day is the best!
  • Kissed We kissed under the street light and I felt alive.
  • missed I missed my train, but I caught the next one.
  • Noised The neighbors noised their music too loud and kept me awake all night.
  • poised The gymnast was poised for the somersault.
  • raised
  • used We used to go to the park together.
  • Visaed I finally visaed my passport so that I can travel internationally without any issues.
  • wised Is anyone wised up about what's going to happen?

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