Correct spelling for FITERING

We think the word fitering is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for fitering

  • catering All the males of Flamborough are fishermen, or dependent on fishing for their livelihood; and in spite of the summer visitors, there is a total indifference to their incursions in the way of catering for their entertainment, the aim of the trippers being the lighthouse and the cliffs nearly two miles away.
  • faltering How often, when we wistfully sought to help those patient sufferers, while we were so weak our faltering steps failed us ofttimes, did we hear the calm voice of Lieutenant Hanley filling us with hope and inspiring us with new courage.
  • festering Envy, vanity, fickleness, spite, festering incompatibilities of character, often prove fatal in these veiled and intimate relations.
  • figuring "When we first got the belts from the kids," pursued the security officer, "we figured there might be some other folks of the kids' race on Earth, figuring on ways to get 'em loose.
  • fingering "Master Anthony," he said, standing up and fingering his hat round and round, "I said I talked no doctrine now; but I must unsay that; and-you will not think me impertinent if I ask you something?"
  • firing We are being moved up closer to the firing line.
  • fitting So, in speaking of the deep things of life, I may leave much to be taken for granted, as is fitting between friends.
  • fostering Had he not for a long time been fostering rebellion, a revolt that should set him in high place, that should bring him riches from Russian coffers, that should bring him love?
  • tittering In my eagerness to escape the gaze of all those eyes, and the tittering which was audible behind me, I took a step forward to be in readiness to follow him.
  • watering In travelling up the country after he had been at school, we once saw some old deserted native gunyahs, and he said to me as we rode by, pointing to them, "Gentleman's 'ouse, villa residence, I s'pose, he's gone to his watering place for the season p'r'aps."
  • Fathering The Royal Society of London, however, took the jest of fathering atheism on one of its members in bad part, and Diderot was systematically excluded from the honour of admission to that learned body, as he was excluded all his life from the French Academy.
  • Filtering Lee sat, stunned, comprehension slowly filtering into him.
  • Frittering Then he squandered it, drinking, fighting, gambling, and frittering it away on women.
  • Littering
  • Loitering
  • Mitering
  • Mitring
  • Petering
  • Uttering
  • fettering It seemed as if the object sought had been to thwart as much as possible natural attitudes in the fettering of these poor wretches, who marched before their conqueror awkwardly and with difficulty, rolling their big eyes and twisting and writhing in pain.
  • featuring Flag description: three equal vertical bands of blue (hoist side), yellow, and red; similar to the flag of Romania; also similar to the flag of Andorra, which has a national coat of arms featuring a quartered shield centered in the yellow band; design was based on the flag of France
  • metering
  • in-nominate

165 words made from the letters fitering

3 letter words made from fitering:

gen, gin, ern, teg, fit, fri, nig, fin, fig, ire, ref, ret, ngf, fen, rit, tin, rig, tnf, ter, tri, net, ert, fir, trf, erg, frg, ten, ent, tie, ige, get, nit, eft.

4 letter words made from fitering:

gift, girt, gefn, nfte, feig, fern, fret, giti, rift, fitr, gien, inti, ingi, frie, eini, trei, reni, tern, ntgf, frei, enif, iing, reti, fine, tire, ring, fini, fire, trig, rife, feni, grit, tref, inge, nige, tier, fien, tine, tiri, egri, egin, grin, engi, rite, gent, iten, nget, erni, genf, rent, rein, fing, reit, ifri, ting.

5 letter words made from fitering:

greif, finer, freni, inite, tengi, tring, intef, teifi, tiger, fitri, ferin, grine, iinet, teign, gerti, gerin, trife, niter, niger, ifrit, inter, feint, ergin, giner, inger, tiner, regni, griet, ngiti, tiein, tieri, rifte, renig, grein, inert, grief, ering, rieti, refit, tinge, iring, retin, tieng, fenit, terni, giren, firie, reing, frein, fitin, frige, fiine, feign, treif, tenir, genri, tngri, nitre, rieng, gitin, fieri, trine, tenri, fetig, frite, infit, getin, infer, finet, fient, negri, treni, ferit, ringe, reign, figer, grift.

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