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How to spell FITEY correctly?

If you encounter the misspelling "fitey", it's essential to provide proper suggestions to avoid confusion. Possible correct alternatives might include "mighty", "fifty" or "feisty". Ensuring accurate spelling not only enhances clarity but also helps in effective communication. Check spellings carefully to maintain precision in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell fitey correctly

  • bite I took a bite of the apple and it tasted delicious.
  • cite I need to cite my sources in this research paper.
  • city New York City is known for its tall skyscrapers and bustling streets.
  • fate
  • fated He was fated to become a successful singer from a young age.
  • fates The fates seemed to be against him as he lost his job, his car, and his girlfriend all in the same week.
  • fatty I try to avoid fatty foods because they are not good for my health.
  • fete The community gathered to fete the successful completion of the new park.
  • Feted He was feted as a hero for his bravery during the war.
  • fetes The village fetes were always a highlight of the summer.
  • fey Her appearance was rather fey, with her delicate features and wispy hair.
  • Fidel Fidel Castro was a prominent political figure in Cuba for over 50 years.
  • Fie " Fie! That guy cheated in the game.
  • fief During the Middle Ages, a fief was a grant of land given to a vassal in exchange for military service.
  • fiery The fiery explosion was heard throughout the entire city.
  • fife The marching band featured a solo by a talented fife player.
  • fifty The new restaurant has a seating capacity of fifty.
  • file I need to organize my office and go through each file one by one.
  • Filed I filed my taxes before the deadline.
  • filet
  • filter
  • fine She said she was feeling fine after her doctor's appointment.
  • fined The driver was fined $200 for not wearing a seatbelt.
  • fire The fire crackled and danced in the fireplace, providing a comforting warmth on the chilly night.
  • fired
  • fit
  • fitly She fitly responded to his comments, highlighting the inaccuracies in his argument.
  • fits
  • Fitted I recently purchased a new suit that was custom fitted to my body.
  • fitter The fitter came to my house to install the new exercise equipment.
  • five I have five dollars in my pocket.
  • frey
  • Gite We stayed at a beautiful gite in the French countryside.
  • kite
  • lite I prefer drinking lite beer to regular beer for a lower calorie option.
  • mite A mite crawled across my arm as I sat outside.
  • pity I felt pity for the homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk.
  • rite The Catholic rite of baptism commemorates the admission of the newly baptized into the Church.
  • site We checked out the site of the old fort.
  • whitey I don't want to be seen with that whitey.

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