Correct spelling for FLAIURE

We think the word flaiure is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for flaiure

  • allure No material pleasure can for a moment allure.
  • failure "You speak," said Mrs. Vansittart, "as if you were a failure instead of a brilliant success.
  • fare I don't see why I should fare worse than the rest."
  • feature They look wonderfully beautiful and novel and must, I think, prove the most interesting feature of the fair."
  • figure Now I felt that I was cutting a poor figure at present; and that I must say something presently, if I could, to make the King remember me afterwards.
  • fire Have you ever been under fire before?"
  • flair He had a flair for women, though he had never encountered any possessing the higher values, and it was characteristic of the plane of his mental processes that this one should remind him now of a dark, lithe panther, tensely strung, capable of fierceness.
  • flare Nance looking at her straight, delicate profile thrown into sudden relief by the flare of the match, had the same disturbing sense of familiarity that she had experienced long ago in the cathedral.
  • flared Once more the candles flared up.
  • flier She is a better flier than I can ever make out of him.
  • flour Then his aunt had gone into the pantry and had brought out butter and bacon, had filled a little bag with barley, and another with flour, and had tied them all into a single parcel, which she had put into Jan's hand at parting.
  • floury
  • flue
  • flurry
  • loire
  • lure
  • Floured
  • Laura
  • Lire
  • Claire "It is impossible," sobbed Claire.
  • Laurie
  • Lauri
  • flares
  • failures Herein lay the secret of British failures and of Napoleon's extraordinary triumphs.
  • FAIRER Covent Garden Piazza was a fairer place altogether.
  • frailer
  • fairy Fairy laughed in an irritating, suggestive way, but Mr. Starr only nodded.
  • offloading

182 words made from the letters flaiure

5 letter words made from flaiure:

filer, farel, aileu, aiful, faire, luria, rufie, fuera, reali, feira, friel, flier, alier, lufia, afire, rfuea, urile, rafle, faile, firle, lifar, farle, faler, flare, feria, rifle, lifer, uraei, lafer, reial, flrie, lirae, aurei, filar, lurie, aulie, liera, reila, farul, raufi, leira, urial, furia, alire, freia, fural, faure, rufai, refai, rueil, alieu, frail, furil, ralfe, furie, ferla, flair, arief, irula, aurie, frale, feral, alief.

3 letter words made from flaiure:

fir, air, ler, lea, ira, ref, url, era, lei, fri, elf, raf, leu, ale, fur, ear, are, flu, ire, rue, ail, lir, ufa, afl, lie, ali, far.

4 letter words made from flaiure:

frie, elia, leur, ueli, raie, lieu, lari, fare, lafe, rule, flea, arul, ruef, rile, real, faur, file, feur, rale, rial, ruea, luar, lear, life, fuel, rufl, eriu, luer, aril, ufer, ruia, frue, alur, rail, fuli, riel, urfi, lira, aire, fail, lure, iler, iure, frau, laie, elfi, feil, fuer, eral, lifu, arui, fale, raue, ulia, reul, fuil, luri, aiul, fula, rufa, rife, rieu, liau, urie, auer, frei, eira, raiu, lair, lauf, fler, furl, fali, flue, fire, leaf, fear, fria, uale, urea, frea, lief, elua, liar, fure, rufe, fair, raef, fiel, uria, earl, fari.

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