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How to spell FLASES correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "flases" are "flashes", "phases" or "fleas". It's essential to verify the correct spelling and use of words to guarantee clear communication and avoid confusion or misunderstandings. Proofreading and using spelling tools can help avoid common spelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell flases correctly

  • Aliases The hacker used multiple aliases to hide their true identity.
  • Classes Before I start college, I plan to take a few classes online to get ahead.
  • clauses After the reading of the clauses, the jury will deliberate.
  • Faces The children had big smiles on their faces at the sight of the colorful carnival.
  • faxes I need to send some faxes before the end of the day.
  • fazes I can't focus because the noise in the room fazes me.
  • flags Be polite and show some flags, or you might get a frown and a slap.
  • FLAIRS During a parade, the performer wore colorful costumes and twirled batons with bright flairs attached.
  • flakes I love to flakes the ice cream.
  • flames The forest caught on fire and the flames rose up into the sky.
  • flaps The bird's flaps helped it glide through the air effortlessly.
  • flares
  • Flashes A series of quick, short flashes lit up the room.
  • flask I carried a flask of water with me on the hike.
  • flasks I need some brand new flasks for my chemistry lab.
  • flats I have three pairs of flats in my closet.
  • flaws I have several physical flaws that prevent me from being a physically active person.
  • flays He flays the skin off the animal with his sharp knife.
  • flees
  • fleshes He fleshes out his characters with rich backstory and detailed descriptions.
  • flexes The bodybuilder flexes his biceps to show off his muscular arms.
  • flies The flies were buzzing around the fresh fruit on the kitchen counter.
  • floes The ship slowly made its way through the icy floes in the Arctic sea.
  • floss She always makes sure to floss her teeth before going to bed.
  • flosses He flosses his teeth every morning and evening to maintain good dental health.
  • flues After a thorough cleaning, the chimneys and flues were free from any blockages or debris.
  • flushes She always flushes the toilet twice to be certain.
  • fuses I need to replace the fuses in the circuit breaker.
  • fusses She fusses over her hair all day long.
  • glasses I need to wear my glasses to see the board.
  • laces She tied the laces of her running shoes tightly before setting out on the trail.
  • Lasers The lasers are very powerful and can be used for many purposes.
  • lasses The lasses from the village played games in the green fields.
  • leases The landlord signed two new leases with tenants for the upcoming year.
  • loses If she loses again, she will likely be eliminated from the tournament.
  • Phases There are different phases of the moon.
  • pleases His kind gesture pleases his grandmother very much.

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