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How to spell FLEESE correctly?

If you meant "fleece", then you could use words like "wool", "shearling" or "sherpa". If you meant "please", then you could use words like "kindly", "could you" or "may you". It's important to double-check your spelling to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell fleese correctly

  • Fees The school fees in the private institution are quite steep.
  • Fleas My dog has a bad case of fleas that I need to get rid of.
  • flee The robbers had to flee when the alarm went off.
  • fleece I bought a cozy fleece jacket for my winter travels.
  • Fleeced I felt fleeced after buying a $50 t-shirt that fell apart after one wash.
  • Fleecer The fleecer tricked the elderly woman into giving him her life savings.
  • fleeces I have fleeces for coats.
  • fleecy The baby's blanket was soft and fleecy, keeping him cozy all night.
  • flees The criminal flees the scene of the crime.
  • fleet The company just purchased a new fleet of trucks for their delivery service.
  • fleeter
  • fleets The company owns several fleets of vehicles for transportation.
  • flesh The flesh of the fruit was so soft and juicy.
  • flies She swatted at the flies that were buzzing around her head.
  • floes The ice floes drifted in the water.
  • flues The chimney was full of smoke and stank of flues.
  • frees The new update frees up a lot of memory on my phone.
  • lease I will sign the lease agreement for the apartment today.
  • lees The wine had settled to the bottom, leaving a layer of lees.

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