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How to spell FLIGH correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "fligh", don't fret, as there are several possible correct suggestions. The word you most likely intended was "flight", which refers to the act of traveling by air. Stay vigilant when spelling to avoid such errors or rely on auto-correct for a helping hand.

List of suggestions on how to spell fligh correctly

  • bligh
  • faith
  • feign She decided to feign interest in the conversation.
  • fig
  • fight
  • fish I love to go fishing and catch big fish.
  • flag The flag was at half mast to honor the fallen soldiers.
  • flash The photographer had to flash the image to speed up the process.
  • flesh She removed her flesh-colored dress.
  • flick I need to flick the lighter and see if it works.
  • flied She flied to meet her family for the holidays.
  • flier I saw a flier at the coffee shop advertising an upcoming music festival.
  • flies The flies buzzing in the window were bothersome.
  • flight I was so excited to take my first flight!
  • flighty She was a bit flighty for her age.
  • fling I couldn't help but fling my arms around him in a hug.
  • flip He decided to flip his mattress to try to get a better night's sleep.
  • flirt She seems to flirt with every guy in the room.
  • flit The lightning flashed and for a moment the flit of a moth was visible against the dark.
  • flog The merchant threatened to flog his employees if they did not improve sales.
  • flush I need to flush the toilet before leaving the bathroom.
  • leigh Ilive in Leigh.
  • sleigh Santa rides in a sleigh.

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