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How to spell FLLYING correctly?

If you accidentally typed "fllying" while searching for something related to flying, fear not! Here are a few suggestions to correct the misspelling. You could try "flying", "flying", "flying" or "flying". Simply choose the one that best matches your intended query. Happy searching!

List of suggestions on how to spell fllying correctly

  • Allaying
  • Alloying Alloying is a common technique used in metallurgy to change the properties of a metal.
  • Allying The two countries are allying to form a stronger defense against their enemies.
  • bellying The dog was bellying up to us, hoping for some scraps.
  • Belying His calm demeanor was belying the fact that he was actually quite nervous.
  • bullying Bullying is considered a serious issue in schools and workplaces, which can lead to long-lasting effects on mental health.
  • cloying The cloying scent of the perfume was overwhelming and made me feel nauseous.
  • Dallying He was often seen dallying in the park instead of taking care of his responsibilities.
  • falling I hope I can catch my balance, as I feel like I am falling off the ladder.
  • Felling
  • Felting I need to felting some yarn to make a blanket.
  • filing
  • filling I had a large breakfast and the filling made me feel satisfied all morning.
  • filming My parents are filming a movie in our backyard.
  • Flaking I prefer not to use that brand of paint because it has a tendency to start flaking after a few months.
  • flaming The candles on the cake were flaming brightly.
  • flaring The sun was flaring so brightly that it was almost impossible to look directly at it.
  • Flawing The constant tinkering, testing, and refining of our product has revealed several areas where we need to focus more attention in order to avoid flawing.
  • Flaying The criminal was sentenced to flaying for his heinous crime.
  • fleeing The car thief was caught fleeing the scene of the crime by the police.
  • fleming The spy Fleming was executed in 1938.
  • fling She had a brief fling with her coworker, but it didn't lead to anything serious.
  • flowing
  • fluting The sound of the bird's fluting voice echoed through the forest.
  • flying I love watching birds flying in the clear blue sky.
  • folding She was folding laundry while watching TV.
  • Fraying The hem on her dress was fraying, so she took it to a tailor to be repaired.
  • frying I'm frying an egg.
  • Fulling She used to fulling cloth by hand.
  • Jellying I am jellying some berries to make a delicious spread for my toast.
  • jollying The party went out for jollying and ended up getting drunk.
  • laying She is laying on the couch watching TV.
  • lying She was lying on the couch while watching her favorite movie.
  • playing
  • Plying The boat was plying the calm waters of the lake.
  • rallying The fans were rallying behind their team during the championship game.
  • Relying
  • Sallying After Sallying her hair dry, Sally went to her room to get ready for her date.
  • slaying King Arthur succeeded in slaying the dragon, thus ending the war.
  • Sullying The protesters were Sullying the flowers with their blood.
  • Tallying She was tallying the money in the bank.

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